The Bachelor: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Franchise, According to Reddit

With the latest season of The Bachelorette in full swing, fans of the franchise are often reminded of the highs and lows that the shows have offered over the years. Even though The Bachelor and its many spinoffs are running strong, all is not well in Bachelor Nation.

Despite a huge fan base for the programs, some viewers have taken umbrage with certain aspects of the franchise, and they aren't afraid to say something. Reddit-using members of Bachelor Nation have taken to the site to air all of their most unpopular opinions about the long-running reality TV staple.


Bachelor Nation Contestants Aren't There For The Right Reasons

Hannah and Peter hold hands on The Bachelor

The entire Bachelor franchise is built on the idea that the people competing are actually looking for love, but many fans have their doubts. User porcelain_queen didn't buy into the show's whole premise when they said "I'm sure they all think that maybe they will find love, but they also all know that they are getting a shot at being bachelorette".

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As the show has gone on, it has become a business that many contestants have bought into. Some viewers believe that contestants' hearts start out in the right place, but the enticement of being a star can often spoil things.

There's Not Enough Diversity Among Bachelor Nation Contestants

The cast of The Bachelorette season 1

The Bachelor franchise has come under fire for its lack of diversity in the past, but a lack of diverse personalities has been a big problem for some viewers as well. A deleted user summed up their thoughts well, saying "Honestly, all these leads are pretty similar to one it shouldn't matter who gets the job".

Though some seasons of The Bachelor are known for their amazing casts, a lot of fans don't see much difference from year to year. Because The Bachelor has built up its own kind of culture around the shows, the people who populate the franchise begin to all seem the same because they have to fit within the system.

There Are Too Many Returnees On Bachelor Nation Shows

The Bachelorette season 18 Michelle Young puts a rose on Nayte

While the early seasons of the show were all about introducing new characters for the audience to know and love, recent seasons have lacked fresh faces. User evilpotato1121 wanted something new when they wrote "I think they need to stop pulling from the pool of contestants occasionally if they don't have any strong candidates available".

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The Bachelor franchise has fallen into a rut of pulling their prospective leads from the contestant pools of previous seasons. Though this does allow for gossip storylines to carry over, it can grow stale for viewers over time. Once contestants know how to play the game, it makes the process much less enjoyable to watch because it seems more cynical.

Bachelors And Bachelorettes Should Be More Successful People

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett The Bachelor Finale

The strength of reality TV is that it is interesting to learn about people's lives, and some fans want more reality injected back into their favorite reality TV shows. User FifityShadesOfGregg wanted a stricter definition for their show leads, writing "I think that the leads need to have good jobs/be successful to be good leads. Not necessarily in term of seems surprising they are still single cuz they're such a catch".

The Bachelor franchise has become so big that many competitors make it their entire lives and careers. Though some of The Bachelor's most popular leading men have strong careers, many are professional reality TV stars, which isn't nearly as interesting to learn about.

Messy Bachelor Nation Contestants Are Better Than Unproblematic Ones

Madison Prewett crying Bachelor

At its heart, reality TV is about spectacle, and that spectacle usually involves people making fools of themselves for a worldwide audience. User low-calcalzone_zone didn't mince their words when saying "Messy Bachelors are SO much more fun than sincere, kind, and mature ones".

While a large section of Bachelor Nation is invested in the quest for love, some regard it as crash TV and get more enjoyment out of that. Some of the best seasons of The Bachelor are known for their over-the-top drama, and that usually starts at the top with the bachelor/ette.

There Are Too Many Engagements In Bachelor Nation

Kenny proposes to Mari on Bachelor In Paradise

The crux of the show is that the contestants are vying for the bachelor/ette's hand in marriage at the end, however some viewers have noticed that it doesn't go much further than that. User Trojansforthewin was succinct in their thoughts, saying "There are entirely TOO MANY engaged couples in this Franchise. Engagement does not equal marriage and I don't these couples as success stories".

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Relationships are a tricky road to navigate, and the added pressure of a competition reality TV show only increases the strain. It's no secret that many of the franchise's couples don't work out, but some fans are even skeptical of the ones that are touted as success stories.

Looking For True Love On Bachelor Nation Shows Is An Unreasonable Expectation

Haley Ferguson Marries Oula Palve Bachelor

While some fans were on the fence about the validity of the show, others doubted it completely. User maniluh was quite blunt about their thoughts when they commented "Anyone who goes on the show for the 'right reasons' is crazy. If you truly believe you can find love on a reality show... you need to be psychologically evaluated".

While Bachelor Nation is know for its die-hard Reddit community, some fans watch despite doubting the entire premise of the show. Though it may be obvious that many contestants appear only for their brief shot at fame, others seem to legitimately hope to find love and there have been several successful couples that have come together because of the franchise.

The Bachelor Nation Fandom Is Toxic

Gabby Windey Bachelorette Season 19

While many Redditors took aim at the show itself with their thoughts, some had opinions about the fan base instead. A deleted user looked inward when they scathingly wrote "People are too hard on contestants and leads. They're real people with feelings who have their mistakes on blast...It's gotta hurt".

Though the contestants open themselves up by appearing on the show, the vitriol that is often thrown their way has turned many viewer's stomachs. Even if their personalities are over-the-top, the Bachelor contestants are still people who have to live with harsh criticism on not only their decisions, but more personal things like their appearance as well.

Bachelor Nation Villains Make Good Television

Brendan looks on from Bachelor in Paradise

As with any TV series, The Bachelor has its fair share of heroes and villains that make up the cast. A deleted user broke from the pack when they said "I never actually hate the villains because they're the entertainment for me".

Dastardly heels are usually the better written characters in any fictional story, and even fans of reality shows can gravitate towards the baddies. However, because the show has an element of reality, some fans are less likely to root for the villain because their bad actions actually do harm to others.

Bachelor Nation Shows Are Great To Hate-Wath

Matt James and the cast of The Bachelor season 25

When a show stretches into season after season, some fans continue to watch out of spite and don't actually enjoy the program like they used to. A deleted user attributed this to a large swath of the show's audience when they said "I think people just get enjoyment out of hate watching, which I can too".

Though that might explain a percentage of the franchise's audience, it is a massive generalization to assume that it applies to all viewers. There is an element of cynicism to all reality TV, and the spectacle is what keeps fans coming back each season. However, some viewers are legitimately interested in the outcome and wish the contestants the best.

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