The Best Glaceon Build in Pokémon Unite

Glaceon is a Ranged Special-type Attacker in Pokémon Unite introduced during the Icy Glaceon Challenge, a special event celebrating the game's 1st Anniversary. Lasting until August 14, 2022, this event grants Trainers a chance to unlock Eevee's Ice-type evolution for free in Pokémon Unite by earning Icy Glaceon points via completion of in-game tasks, such as participating in Battles or logging into the game. After obtaining Glaceon's Unite License through the Icy Glaceon Challenge or premium Aeos Gems, Trainers will naturally contemplate how to build Glaceon for optimal performance in Pokémon Unite.


Before discussing a suitable build for Glaceon in Pokémon Unite, it is essential to go over this Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses in combat. First, Glaceon has excellent move synergy, allowing Trainers to position the Attacker easily on the battlefield. It also possesses extra protection from CC thanks to its passive ability, Snow Cloak, which can negate one CC Move per cooldown and even make the Pokémon invincible for a short time. On the other hand, Glaceon has slower damage scaling than its Eevee-evolved counterparts. Furthermore, much of the Pokémon's attack power depends heavily on its Ice Crystals, which can make the gameplay quite "micromanage-y."

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With these strengths and weaknesses in mind, Trainers can determine what kind of build in Pokémon Unite would be best for Glaceon, depending on their playstyle. For example, as a Ranged Special-type Attacker, Glaceon can be utilized in Top or Jungle, but its mechanics and abilities make it best suited for Bottom. Accordingly, going for an offense-focused build would greatly enhance Glaceon's performance, giving Trainers a higher chance of victory.

How To Build Glaceon In Pokémon Unite

The Best Glaceon Build in Pokémon Unite

Here are the Moveset, Held Items, and Battle Item required to make the best build for Glaceon in Pokémon Unite:

Best Moveset for Glaceon

  • Icicle Spear: This Move is an excellent single-target burst attack that utilizes Ice Crystals. Synergizing well with the Glacial Stage, Icicle Spear can be used to kite enemy targets while moving.
  • Ice Shard: This Move resupplies Glaceon's Ice Crystals while providing bonus damage output and Movement Speed.

Best Battle Item for Glaceon

  • Eject Button: This Battle Item in Pokémon Unite is an excellent tool for escaping danger or repositioning Glaceon before casting Icicle Spear.

Best Held Items for Glaceon

  • Muscle Band: This Held Item bolsters Glaceon's basic attack damage, making Icicle Spear more potent.
  • Wise Glasses: This Held Item offers more Sp. Attack for Glaceon, providing higher Move damage output.
  • Buddy Barrier: This Held Item will provide Glaceon with protection when the player charges into a fight with Glacial Stage.