The Big Bang Theory: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Sheldon As A Character

In July it was announced that Jim Parsons would be showcasing his talents on the Off-Broadway stage for the story of A Man of No Importance alongside Mare Winningham and William Youmans. Since Parsons' time as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, he's been a part of the spinoff Young SheldonThe Boys in the Band, and a new project in the works called Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies.

Parsons has been in award-winning projects since his time on TBBT, but it was his role as Sheldon Cooper that fans still praise today. Everything from his mannerisms to his quotes were gold and still talked about. Some quotes of Sheldon's were so on-the-nose that it's impossible not to laugh and reminisce on the importance of his character.


"Scissors Cuts Paper, Paper Covers Rock, Rock Crushes Lizard..."

'The Lizard-Spock Expansion'

Sheldon explains the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock in The Big Bang Theory

In season 2, Sheldon taught Raj his version of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Instead of using rock, paper, or scissors to beat an opponent, Sheldon had a better idea.

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As he recited perfectly and hilariously, "Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors." While difficult to remember, it was times like these when Sheldon was a fun friend to have around on a boring night. He never kept things dull.

"I Cry Because Others Are Stupid, And That Makes Me Sad."

'The Gorilla Experiment'

A split image Sheldon and Penny talking about being stupid on TBBT

If there was a meme that perfectly described Sheldon Cooper, it would be this scene. In season 3, Penny and Leonard start dating and in an attempt to learn more about Leonard's work, Penny asked Sheldon to teach her "a little physics."

The lesson was harder than she expected and she began crying because she felt "stupid." Sheldon adorably told her there was no need to cry, but then quickly added that people should only cry when they're sad and that he cried because of other people's stupidity. It was dry, honest, and perfectly summed up his character.

"Suffer In Silence"

'The Extract Obliteration'

A split image Sheldon and Leonard talking in their apartment on TBBT

Although Leonard and Sheldon bickered, Leonard never made it onto Sheldon's enemies list (a list that contained all of his enemies and how they wronged him), which was lucky because Sheldon could have made his life even more miserable.

In a low moment for Leonard, he went home upset after an argument with Penny over her history paper. Leonard was upset but whenever Sheldon was in the zone for work or an idea, he didn't care about Leonard's feelings. To prove his point, Sheldon told Leonard to "suffer in silence" because he was busy. While harsh, this quote described Sheldon to a T.

"You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns. I'm About To Show This Guy Just How Horny I Can Be."

'The Troll Manifestation'

A split image Sheldon texting and Amy and Bernadette laughing on TBBT

In season 8, Sheldon and Leonard published a paper online that they felt had merit in their field. They received uplifting responses at first but there was one troll who ripped the paper apart and insulted the pair.

Sheldon knew their paper was good and was infuriated that someone could offend their idea. With his phone in his hands, he referred to himself as a bull and warned the troll that he could be "horny" because of his horns. For Sheldon, this was a scathing insult but for fans, it was a hilarious flub that summed up his character because he had no idea how sexual his insult came off.

"No One Can Spoil Amy's Birthday For Me. Surprise, She's Even Older. Who Saw That Coming?"

'The Opening Night Excitation'

A split image Sheldon talking about Amy's birthday on TBBT

Sheldon and Amy's relationship timeline was a doozy. After meeting on the Internet and being friends for a while, the two slowly started dating — which was new territory for a man like Sheldon who never dated.

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Sheldon eventually fell in love with Amy and did things for her he'd never do for someone else. In one scene, he spoke with Penny about Amy's birthday and gave a very straightforward response to a surprise birthday idea for her. Sheldon's ignorance of social norms was just one part of his character that fans loved.

"No, You Don't Screw The Roommate Agreement. The Roommate Agreement Screws You."

'The Staircase Implementation'

Leonard meets sheldon for the first time in their apartment - the big bang theory

'The Staircase Implementation' was one of The Big Bang Theory's best episodes because it showed how Sheldon and Leonard became friends and roommates. Leonard's walk down memory lane came after an argument with Sheldon where he screamed "No, you don't screw the roommate agreement. The roommate agreement screws you!"

Every TBBT fan knows how seriously Sheldon took his roommate agreement, so when Leonard disobeyed one of the rules, Sheldon insulted him the best way he knew how. Not many would find this quote insulting but it tracked for Sheldon's character.

"How On Earth Can You Say 'Dirty Sock' And 'Relax' In The Same Sentence?"

'The Lunar Excitation'

The gang on the roof with a telescope on TBBT

This quote came deep from Sheldon's soul. As a neurotic character, Sheldon thrived in calm and organized atmospheres. This was especially true when there was an order and a schedule. He ate the same things every week and had a cleaning schedule for his home.

In a lot of ways, Sheldon was a germaphobe who didn't want to be involved with those who were sick or messy. So when an old sock was found on the rooftop while they were viewing the stars, Sheldon panicked at the idea of not just a used sock but a used, dirty sock.

"Howard, You Know Me To Be A Very Smart Man. Don't You Think That If I Were Wrong, I'd Know It?"

'The Jiminy Conjecture'

 Sheldon telling Howard he's smart in the comic book store

It's not a surprise that Sheldon was the most intelligent character on TBBT. But at times, his intelligence got the better of him and he became impossible to reason with. In Sheldon's mind, he was always right and everyone else around him was wrong.

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In 'The Jiminy Conjecture,' the group was in a heated discussion over the type of grasshopper they heard in their apartment building. Sheldon slyly told Howard that if he was wrong he'd know first because he was the smartest... It was this kind of arrogance that made Sheldon hard to be around at times.

"Certainly. I've Run From Bullies, Dogs, Angry Chickens..."

'The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification'

Sheldon and Penny stretching on TBBT

There came a point in Sheldon's life where he realized if he wanted to make worthwhile contributions to science for years to come he'd have to take better care of his body. This included exercising and eating more vegetables.

Since Penny did yoga and ran from time to time, he thought she was the perfect person to jog with. Penny was happy to have a jogging buddy and asked him if he had ever run before. Sheldon claimed he had run from "bullies, dogs, angry chickens, and one particularly persistent PE teacher determined to bend me over and give me a scoliosis test." Sheldon wasn't the athletic type so his interactions with exercises spoke to his character.

"'Friends With Benefits?' Does He Provide Her With Health Insurance?"

'The Vegas Renormalization'

Sheldon asks the group about friends with benefits on TBBT

While Sheldon and Leonard had plenty of bromance moments, he and Howard or Raj weren't on the same level in friendship. They cared for each other but no one had more patience for Sheldon than Leonard.

In 'The Vegas Renormalization," Sheldon learned that Howard was friends with benefits with Leslie Winkle. Never heard the term before, Sheldon asked for more information on the subject because he assumed Howard provided Leslie with health insurance. This quote was so far off yet so endearing because it showed Sheldon's pureness in the question.

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