The Family Chantel: How Nicole Contributed To Chantel & Pedro's Demise

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno are divorcing, and while plenty of The Family Chantel fans are blaming Pedro, blame is also being directed at his younger sister, Nicole Jimeno. Nicole and Chantel have a long-standing feud and antagonistic relationship that appears to have only gotten worse with time. While Pedro befriended Chantel’s brother River Everett after their initial drama on 90 Day Fiancé, Nicole and Chantel never mended their bad blood. This led to Nicole openly pushing for Pedro to divorce Chantel on The Family Chantel.


Chantel and Pedro’s marriage began falling apart after he returned from the Dominican Republic at the end of season 3. Nicole, and Pedro's mother, Lidia Jimeno, were accused of being shockingly cruel when they refused to support Pedro trying to reconnect with his estranged father. Pedro appeared to realize just how corrupt his family was after learning that all women had affairs with married men. He then turned cold toward his wife. Though Chantel traveled to the Dominican Republic behind Pedro’s back to try to make amends with Lidia and save her marriage during season 4, Nicole swooped in to further cause problems.

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While Pedro was furious with his wife Chantel for speaking to his mother behind his back, he attempted to recognize her good intentions while talking to Nicole. However, Nicole seized the opportunity to guide her brother toward a separation. Nicole shot down Pedro’s defense of Chantel and told her brother that his wife was nothing but selfish and manipulative. While even Lidia declared that Pedro and Chantel should work on their marriage, Nicole urged a vulnerable Pedro to walk away from his wife. She informed Pedro that he could find plenty of better-looking women as she tried to convince him that Chantel was an awful person who he needed to get away from.

Pedro Jimeno

This isn’t the first time that Nicole tried to sabotage her brother’s marriage. Nicole appears obsessed with breaking up Pedro and Chantel and has plotted for a while to ruin their marriage. Last season, she dramatically declared that Pedro cheated on Chantel with her best friend, Coraima Morla. Nicole previously recorded a video of Pedro and Coraima dancing to try and upset Chantel. She still is working the Coraima angle, as Nicole told her last episode that she should swoop in on Pedro since his marriage is in a bad place. Nicole is taking full advantage of her brother’s vulnerabilities and is openly trying to use them to her advantage. Furthermore, she is doing this shamelessly and with visible glee.

Overall, Nicole demonstrated that she is the worst behaved The Family Chantel cast member, as even Lidia supported the couple mending their marriage. Meanwhile, the Everett family came to accept Pedro and support him. Though Chantel’s parents Karen and Thomas Everett discussed the possibility that Pedro could have used their daughter, they made sure not to jump to accusations or lash out at him. Meanwhile, they heard his side of the story, while Lidia listened to Chantel on The Family Chantel. However, Nicole only cares about her goal of having her brother split up with Chantel.