The Green Lantern Corps' Most Awe-Inspiring Hero Has His Own 'Evil Twin'

Fans all know the gentle giant of the Green Lantern Corps: a sentient planet known to his teammates as Mogo. But the ginormous Green Lantern has his own "reverse" counterpart in the Sinestro Corps who is just as capable of wielding fear as Mogo is at wielding willpower.

The Green Lantern Corps is an amazingly diverse organization composed of officers from the furthest reaches of outer space. As long as a being is capable of possessing willpower and can overcome great fear, there's no alien too big or small to join the interstellar force. From alien chipmunks to living math equations, the Green Lanterns are host to some of the most unique heroes in the DC Universe. One such member is Mogo, a living planet who has made a name for himself due to his giant size and his guiding hand at helping Power Rings find new potential recruits to bring into the Corps.


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But the universe is a wide place and not every sentient being is as kind or just as Mogo. In fact, the Sinestro Corps proved that there were just as many malicious alien entities capable of instilling fear that could take any shape or size. One of the Sinestro Corps’ greatest assets goes by the name of Ranx, a giant sentient city. Like Mogo, he's both a member of the Corps and a place for his teammates to convene. But unlike the noble Mogo, Ranx is a city that thrives on evil. For eons, he was populated by some of the galaxy's worst criminals. As a member of the Sinestro Corps, he served as a home base for the Yellow Lanterns to commit the worst atrocities possible, like their assault and torture of the future Red Lantern Bleez.

Sinestro Corps Ranx DC Comics

Ranx is far from the most terrifying member of the Sinestro Corps, but his existence certainly makes the overall organization much more intimidating. The idea that a celestial body that big serving as a base of operations for an untold number of murderers and monsters is disturbing enough. But with Ranx's sentience, he essentially serves as Mogo's evil twin which brings an alarming thought to mind.

When the Sinestro Corps was created, many of its operatives were created as dark reflections of the officers in the Green Lantern Corps. Ranx serves as their version of Mogo, but they also have Romat-Ru, a twisted doppelgänger or Tomar-Re and Tomar-Tu. And Sinestro mirrors Green Lantern Hal Jordan as the Sinestro Corps brashest and boldest Lantern. Ranx's existence is a chilling reminder of how big the DC Universe really is and no matter how many noble beings are recruited into an organization like the Green Lantern Corps, there are aliens just like them who are nowhere near as benevolent. Even worse, the Sinestro Corps is chomping at the bit to add to its ranks, and they'll readily take on the most sinister of those who qualify. Mogo's evil twin is a perturbing reminder of the threats waiting around the corner to take on the Green Lantern Corps.