The Hilarious Forged In Fire Memes Explained

Forged In Fire has inspired many hilarious memes since it started airing and here are some of the show’s funniest memes explained. History Channel reality show Forged In Fire debuted in 2015 and is midway through its ninth season as of 2022. It’s hosted by former U.S. Green Beret and weapons expert Grady Powell and is a celebration of all things bladesmithing, which – for those not in the know – is the art of making knives, swords, daggers and the like.

Each episode of Forged In Fire brings together four bladesmiths of varying expertise who compete in a three-part elimination contest. During the first two rounds, the bladesmiths craft a blade of their own choosing while the final round tasks the remaining contestants with forging a famous bladed weapon from the annals of history – be it a Roman gladiator sword, an African hunting spear or an East Asian martial arts blade. The winner of each episode nabs not only a cash prize of $10,000 but the coveted title of “Forged In Fire Champion” too.


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Like many TV shows, Forged In Fire has certain recurring themes and tropes that have inspired fans of the bladesmithing extravaganza to create memes that lovingly poke fun at the series. For example, the judges put the blades crafted by contestants through a series of tests to determine their sharpness and durability which usually involve stabbing, chopping or slashing objects like animal carcasses, metal pipes or blocks of ice. It’s a highlight of each episode and something that viewers apparently like to reenact at home with their food according to this hilarious Forged In Fire meme posted by the History Channel on Twitter.

Forged In Fire memes

Plenty of the show’s catchphrases have been immortalized in meme form too. Forged In Fire judge, martial artist and blade specialist Doug Marcaida often praises successful weapons by saying “It will cut” or “It will kill” and his slogan made for a funny Minecraft crossover meme that features Marcaida approving a diamond sword (which is one of the strongest swords in Minecraft). Similarly, when a contestant’s weapon breaks they’re often told “Your blade has suffered a catastrophic failure” – a catchphrase that spawned another hilarious Forged In Fire meme featuring former host Wil Willis informing Isildur from Lord Of The Rings that his sword Narsil has endured a “catastrophic failure” after Sauron broke it into pieces.

The reality show’s contestants aren’t immune to memeification either. Viewers have noticed that when left to their own devices, contestants tend to opt for what’s considered the easiest blade to craft – a bowie knife. That particular Forged In Fire trope made a perfect fit for a variation on the “Blue Button” meme in which contestants are told to put their own unique twist on a blade but instead opt to smash a button marked “make a bowie knife.” With nine seasons of blade-smithing content to riff on, fans of the History Channel show are sure to keep producing new, hilarious Forged In Fire memes for the foreseeable future.