The Hulk Redeems One Of His Greatest Movie Failures In Epic Art

Spoilers for Hulk #11 by Marvel ComicsIn epic new Marvel Comics art from Daniel Warren Johnson, The Hulk redeems one of his greatest failures from Ang Lee's Hulk film. In the cover art for Hulk #11, the Jade Giant can be seen manhandling and destroying a fighter jet with his pure strength. In the 2003 film, the Hulk famously lost consciousness while on top of a fighter jet, as he free fell from the sky after being attacked.

While the 2003 live-action Hulk movie had a polarizing reaction from audience and critics, the film was still chocked full of memorable scenes featuring the powerhouse Marvel hero. One of the most shocking moments was when Hulk was attacked by fighter jets and ended up saving the life of a pilot with navigational difficulties. However, after saving the pilot, Hulk was taken high into the atmosphere and lost consciousness, plunging miles from the air into the water below, which led to his temporary defeat and escape. However, in a new comic book cover from Daniel Warren Johnson, the Hulk gets revenge on a fighter jet in a big way.


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In a brand-new preview for Hulk #11, written and drawn by Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley, the Jade Giant will be participating in a Hulk-powered display of strength called Godball. In a variant cover for the issue by Daniel Warren Johnson, the Hulk's incredible powers continue to take the spotlight as the Jade Giant battles a fighter jet and breaks it as he grabs it out of the air. The comic shows just how strong the Hulk is while redeeming his encounter with a fighter jet from Ang Lee's Hulk.

The New Art Illustrates The Differences Between The Film and Comics

Hulk 11 Daniel Warren Johnson Variant Destroys Fighter Jet

Part of why Ang Lee's Hulk was so polarizing was because of how he treated the character and his rage. The film isn't about the hero smashing and features plenty of introspection and calmer moments from the Hulk. Lee delivers a unique version of the character. However, in the comics, Hulk has typically had a smash-first, ask-questions after attitude, as the cover art shows how Hulk would likely react to a fighter jet shooting at him - opposed to behaving more heroic and unbothered like in the film.

The new Marvel Comics cover art ultimately redeems the 2003 Hulk moment by showing his likely deadly reaction to being shot at. Hulk would absolutely terrorize whoever fired at him and smash their plane with his pure strength as he does in the comics' art. Hulk #11 by Marvel Comics' release date will be revealed soon.