The Old Man: Burning Questions Fans Have After The Season Finale

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions/depictions of child abuse.

The Old Man was, no surprise, a hit show for FX thanks to its star-studded cast headed up by Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow. An intense ride through the seven episodes, the cliff-hanger finale left fans wanting more.

Thankfully, they will get their wish since The Old Man was renewed for a second season. With plenty of time until it goes into production and actually airs, however, fans have the opportunity to analyze loose ends that have yet to be tied up and consider open-ended storylines that were abandoned without resolution.


What Will Happen With Morgan?

Morgan Bote in The Old Man looking off to the side.

It was revealed that Morgan Bote, an ex-CIA head, was behind much of the drama that went on. It was he who served as a mentor to both Harold and Dan when they were up-and-comers working for the CIA. It was also he who secretly hid Emily’s identity and got her a job under Harold’s wing as Angela.

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But so much was left up in the air about Morgan and his role. While he clearly had a soft spot for both men, even referring to them as his sons, he was also willing to hurt them to protect himself. Whether he implied he wanted them dead or wanted to put Angela at risk as a way to hurt them and stop them from revealing the truth, remains to be seen. Either way, it’s clear that while he’s a caring person, he’s also ruthless when it comes to saving himself and his own reputation.

Was Abbey Grooming Dan?

A young Abbey sitting in a restaurant in America from The Old Man.

Dan received a rude awakening when he met with Pavlovich, learning that Abbey was not approached by the Russians and convinced to work with him, but it was she who approached them with a plan. It was one of the biggest twists in The Old Man. Not only that, but she had been supposedly grooming Pavlovich from the time when they were younger, attending school together.

It sent Dan into a quiet tailspin he didn’t get to emotionally explore because of everything else that was going on. But chances are in season 2, Dan will explore the idea further. He’ll want to know if his wife truly loved him or if he was always just a means to an end for her, as he ironically told Zoe was often the case when it came to his own interactions with others.

Do Dan and Harold Think Angela Is Dead?

Angela standing in her office in a suit on The Old Man.

When Harold and Dan made it to the van and saw Raymond and the driver dead, the cargo empty, Harold fell in despair while Dan’s face dropped. But it’s never really discussed whether they believe her to be dead or know she was taken and where. Either way, with both knowing that she is Faraz’s biological daughter, it’s likely they know Bote had her sent to him.

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Nonetheless, the grief on their faces says it all. Regardless of the outcome, they know they are both in a tough position and may very well have lost the young woman they called daughter. Exploring that relationship between not only the two but also the three, main characters, will make for an interesting angle in season 2.

How Will Angela React To The Discovery Of Her Real Father?

Angela from The Old Man in a headdress, looking angry.

Angela, one of the most intelligent characters in The Old Man, gave no indication of having any recollection of being in Afghanistan as a child, nor any suspicions about Dan not being her biological father. With that said, she did a wonderful job hiding her own identity from someone she loved for so long, so she’s clearly good at it. As someone who is an expert in creating a false reality, haunted by her own nightmares, it’s possible Angela knew the truth all along. She either repressed it, or it's possible her mother, and/or even Morgan, put her in a position to play a role and groom everyone around her, even Dan and Harold. There could be a much bigger plan at play that will take both by surprise (and break their hearts in the process).

Nonetheless, discovering her true motives, how much she knows and seeing how she interacts with Faraz will be a huge part of the new season. Fans are at the edge of their seats to find out if there was more to Emily/Angela/Parwana than they realized.

What Happened With Abbey And Dan In The U.S.?

An older and sick Abbey on the floor in a white gown, looking confused and scared in The Old Man.

Through the first season, fans only got to see short flashbacks of Dan and Abbey’s time in the U.S. Most of the flashback scenes involved them in Afghanistan, then more recent ones with Abbey suffering from a neurodegenerative disease, not acting at all like herself. In the recent flashbacks, Abbey was played by Hiam Abass who fans might recognize as Marcia Roy, one of the low-key villains on Succession. Fans want to see more of both what happened in the decades in between and the progression of Abbey’s illness and whether it was anything nefarious that caused it.

Viewers wonder what Abbey was up to and what happened between herself and Dan. It might seem as though her words towards him were irrational, fueled by her illness and not by reality. But the fact they haunted him so terribly made fans wonder if there was more to the story. The missing pieces of the timeline are big question marks for fans as they await season 2.

Will Harold Lose His Job?

Harold Harper with glasses on in his office, wearing a suit in a scene from The Old Man.

It seems all but a certainty that Harold will lose his job, the career he worked so hard for. But what will he do afterward remains unknown. With a wife and a young grandson in their care, he has a family to take care of and has done some dangerous things that he may not be able to live down.

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Fans are curious where his part of the story will go in season 2. He could be forced to go on the run, lean on Morgan for protection, or simply find a way out of the mess with a host of cover-ups. Season 2 could follow Harold and Dan together, in search of Abbey at all costs while skirting the law. Whatever the direction, fans are worried about and curious about what happens to Harold, both professionally and personally.

Is Faraz Hamzad Sick?

An older Faraz Hamzad from The Old Man, sitting and staring ahead, a woman visible in the background.

It appeared that Faraz, in the present day, was not well. It may have simply been old age or an illness of some kind, but when he was shown getting out of bed, he required help from someone who was also massaging his muscles. He appeared frail and potentially sick.

The show ended without fans seeing an official meeting between him and his biological daughter Angela, though the looks on both their faces said more than words ever could. One appeared to show confusion and disdain and another, complete and utter love and regret. What plans Faraz has for Angela remain to be seen, but fans are curious as to whether he wants her to carry on the cause, building that castle for her that his voiceover suggested he had so dreamed of doing when she was a little girl.

Will Zoe Appear Again?

The plotline with Zoe, played by Amy Brenneman who fans might recognize from Judging Amy in terms of where else you’ve seen the cast of The Old Man, seemed almost unnecessary when it reached the presumed end. She helped Dan get to where he needed to go and do what he needed to do. From there, his sole concern was his daughter. Just as he had told her, when he no longer needed her, he had to let her go.

However, it seemed he had developed true feelings, or at least admiration, for her. Whether or not the character will return for season 2 remains up in the air. But since she proved to Dan that she had valuable skills he could use, they may come in handy for whatever adventures occur in season 2.

Where And What Are The Hidden Items With “Untold Strategic Value?”

young Abbey in a flashback scene, wearing a headdress and looking up at someone in a scene from The Old Man.

Abbey referred several times to something with “untold strategic value” that was hidden and could change the course of the war. She told both Dan and Faraz in flashbacks that it was these riches the Russians were after. She also shockingly revealed that she knew where they were. But she refused to unearth them for fear that the power they would give Faraz would lead him astray from his core mission and cause him to be driven by greed.

Whatever came of those great riches, whether they were found by others, and whether Abbey, known by her real name of Balour at the time, was the person who finally revealed the location remains to be answered.

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