The Quarry: The 10 Most Important Choices To Make In-Game

2K Games announced that The Quarry was getting an update with '80s outfits and an online multiplayer mode. The multiplayer, dubbed the 'Wolf Pack,' allows seven players to join the game, each taking the role of the main cast. Though invite-only, the endless replayability more than makes up for it. Additionally, players who own the deluxe edition of The Quarry now have access to '80s-inspired outfits. Radical shirts are just some of the attire players can expect to see.

As far as choice-based games go, there's nothing more heart-racing than a choice-based horror game. Some decisions affect the game more than others, often to a lethal extent. There are choices that will keep certain characters alive, yet get others killed. Other decisions are just stupid mistakes players won't think are stupid until after the fact. However, there are several important decisions that can help everyone survive as long as possible.


10 Solve the Puzzle

Justice Smith in The Quarry.

Justice Smith portrays Ryan Erzahler, a broody but sensible character. Favorite of Chris Hackett (David Arquette), Ryan is always holding the gun and making the tough decisions. Additionally, he has the some of the most challenging quick time events (QTE). If he misses any, a lot of deaths could be on his hands. For example, if he fails the QTE in chapter three, he'll die in chapter 10.

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While surviving chapter eight, Ryan and Laura find a red room containing two cages with Nick and Jacob inside. Laura's first reaction is to shoot Nick, but Ryan needs to stop her, and not just because this is the only way Nick can be killed. In order to free Jacob, Ryan must solve a puzzle involving the fuse box. The right combination releases Jacob, while the wrong one will kill him.

9 Shoot at Bobby

Bobby wears one-strap overalls at dusk in The Quarry

After Nick gets infected in chapter three, Bobby is seen dragging him through the woods. Ryan, armed with a shotgun, aims it at Bobby and threatens to shoot. If he doesn't, Nick bites Bobby's finger, causing him to let go. Bobby, freaking out, shoots off his finger, which freaks out the boys. This may seem good, but the alterative is better.

If Ryan takes a shot at Bobby, the big guy will run away, dropping a vial in the process. This vial contains wolf's blood, and is an essential item needed in chapter 10. The blood will mask the human scent as a way of protection when Ryan, Laura, and Travis go out to find Silas. Either way, saving Nick at this point is easy.

8 Fail QTE & Shoot Silas

Silas covered in blood in The Quarry.

The big villain is Silas Vorez (JJ Dunlap), the White Wolf. Eliza Vorez (Grace Zabriskie) took him in and used him in her traveling freakshow. Despite this, she loved him, long after her death. She's the narrator and tries to influence the player's decisions, intent on keeping Silas alive.

Silas isn't fully seen until chapter 10, and if Laura, Ryan, and Travis are still alive, they can find out more about him and seek him out. Laura needs to fail the QTE that appears lest she die. Ryan must shoot Silas immediately after, curing all afflicted with the werewolf infection. Failing to shoot Silas is the worst decision, as he will kill everyone.

7 Shoot Nick

How to Make Everyone Die in The Quarry Nick Changing

Socially awkward Abigail Blyg (Ariel Winter) makes herself hard to get to know. However, she's very kind and sincere. She wants a summer romance, and her gaze is on Nick Furcillo (Evan Evagora). As it happens, he has a crush on her as well, but with both are too shy.

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Nick is the first to be infected with the werewolf curse, and Abigail runs into him afterwards in the pool hall in chapter six. Though she likes him, she has to make the difficult decision to shoot him. She has to shoot him, otherwise he'll attack and viciously decapitate her. The good news is that he won't die from the shot and there's still a chance to save him.

6 Cut Dylan’s Hand

Dylan looking serious in The Quarry.

There's no one quite like PA announcer Dylan Lenivy (Miles Robbins). He's got weird humor and a passionate radio voice, but beneath that he's just scared of rejection. He has a crush on Ryan, but so does Kaitlyn Ka (Brenda Song). He does prove to be very brave in the face of danger. For example, in one storyline he sacrifices himself to save Kaitlyn from werewolf Emma.

Chapter five has Dylan and Ryan entering Dylan's radio shack. A werewolf drops through the roof and bites Dylan's hand. Ryan has to decide between shooting the hand or cutting it off with a chainsaw. Go with the chainsaw, as that has more chance of preventing the spread of infection.

5 Bite Ryan

Silas faces Ryan in The Quarry

There will be decisions that might not make sense at first. For example, Ryan and Laura get ambushed by the Hackett's in chapter nine and Bobby stabs Ryan with a knife. Thankfully, it's not immediately fatal, and Ryan can take the knife out or leave it. Keep the knife in the wound; this prevents him from bleeding out.

Later in the chapter, Laura feels her infection growing (after being bitten by Max earlier). Since Ryan could die from the stab wound, she offers to bite him as a way of increasing his health. How that works is unclear. He could refuse and accept his fate, but it's better that Laura bites him, giving him some chance to make it to the end.

4 Use Syringe

Laura wears a baseball cap in The Quarry

Laura Kearney (Siobhan Williams) is both independent and studious. She's in the prologue travelling with boyfriend Max Brinly (Skyler Gisondo) to Hackett's Quarry. Max is eventually attacked by a werewolf, and she can choose to try and save him or run away. Regardless of her choice, she still runs into Sheriff Travis Hackett (Ted Raimi) who injects her with a syringe, knocking her out.

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In chapter seven, Laura ends up in a cell at the police station with Travis. She explores and finds a syringe. Make sure she takes it before going back to her cell. Later, she notices a gun and can either take it and shoot Travis or inject him with the syringe. Travis is of more use alive than dead, so use the syringe. If she shoots him, she'll be at risk of dying later, since he's integral to her survival.

3 Use Wolf Blood

Jacob wears a backwards cap in The Quarry

Jacob Custos (Zach Tinker) may seem like a typical jock; self-centered with a bit of obnoxiousness. However, he can be charming and wants all is fellow counselors to have the best time. He also appears to have a thing for Emma, a former fling. Because of his feelings, Jacob was responsible for having the cast stay an extra night, as he sabotaged the van meant to take them home.

During chapter three he gets caught in a snare. Bobby Hackett (Ethan Suplee) comes and cuts him down. Jacob can throw dirt in Bobby's face and escape, or let Bobby apply the wolf blood. It's recommended to let Bobby put the wolf blood on Jacob, as the blood will prevent him from being attacked by werewolves. This allows him to make it back to the others.

2 Leave Trapdoor

Emma vlogs on her phone in The Quarry

Obsessed with social media, Emma Mountebank (Halston Sage) is constantly recording things on her phone. She thinks she's an actress and tends to be dramatic. Though she feels more comfortable in front of the camera, her exterior self is fake. Emma doesn't like to upset people and only shows what she thinks people want to see. In chapter four, Emma is out exploring and recording when she sees a treehouse.

Once inside, she's presented with the option to either open a trapdoor or search some bags. The trapdoor may be tempting, but ignore it. If Emma opens it, she'll be killed by a werewolf in a brutal, bloody way. By checking the bags instead, she walks out of the treehouse no problem. Why the werewolf didn't lunge out of the trapdoor after her is unknown.

1 Wait at Dock

Max stands at the edge of the dock in The Quarry

Max is better suited for a simple life rather than the fast-paced life Laura wants. He may lack ambition, but as long as he can make Laura laugh, he's happy. Max does get infected at one point and has one way of dying, similar to Nick. In chapter 10, he finds himself on a dock in the middle of the night.

He can either wait for sunrise or jump in and start swimming. Patience is a virtue, and it's better to wait for first light. If Max can't wait and dives in, he'll be attacked by a werewolf in a gory manner. He'll live until dawn if he just stands there and does nothing.