The Quarry has an overwhelming number of endings with 186 in total, and like with Until Dawn and Supermassive Games' previous titles, some are good, and some are bad. With so many possibilities, it's impossible to know which endings are the best and which are the worst through simply playing the game unless players go through the game over a hundred times. Luckily, there are plenty of endings that are similar, so it isn't necessary to see every single one.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Quarry.]

The Quarry is a horror game developed by Supermassive, the creators of Until Dawn. It follows the camp counselors of Hackett's Quarry as they spend a final night at camp before summer ends and they return to school. However, monsters at Hackett's Quarry turn a night of fun into a night where the only goal is to survive. It has a playtime of about 10 hours, but that number drastically increases for players who want to experience multiple endings. Luckily, creating backup saves in The Quarry can help cut down the time for players who don't want to replay the full game repeatedly.


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Each character in The Quarry can meet a variety of fates, which means that even the smallest choices in the game can have disastrous outcomes. The nature of the non-human threat at Hackett's Quarry also means that there's the possibility for characters to become infected and turn into werewolves instead of dying. This makes the goal of The Quarry to not only survive, but to find a way to break the werewolf curse to save characters who might become infected during the game.

The Quarry's Worst Endings - All The Counselors Die & The Curse Isn't Broken

This ending unlocks the Hackett's Quarry Massacre achievement. It results in all of the camp counselors dying, and with Silas living, the werewolf curse isn't broken. Making everyone die in The Quarry sounds easier than it is with how many decisions players will be faced with throughout the game, and how the consequences of those choices are not always immediate. A lot of the deaths here require the player to do nothing and fail a QTE to result in a character death, which might be tricky for players who are used to reacting without thought when they see a button pop up on their screen.

In this ending, the Hackett family members remain alive, with the exception of Travis depending on the choices the player makes. Therefore, they are able to avoid heading to jail, which is a possible outcome depending on how much evidence players gather in the event that not all of the camp counselors have died. Because Caleb lives, the people he infected will remain cursed as werewolves.

Worst The Quarry Endings - Everybody Gets Infected

Infecting every character in The Quarry will earn players the Blood Pact achievement. However, this ending is a little more difficult to earn than killing everybody because it requires more specific choices to be made, and those choices aren't obvious paths to infection. Luckily, some characters have multiple chances to be infected in case the player misses the first opportunity, and there are three characters who will always get infected, lowering the number that players need to infect to six. This ending puts additional people at risk in the future since the counselors who become infected are now liable to spread the infection or kill innocents during full moons if they aren't properly contained for the night.

The Quarry's Best Endings - The Counselors Live & The Hacketts Are Arrested


While not all the Hacketts can be saved in The Quarry to achieve this ending, considering that some of them must die for the counselors to survive, enough of them will remain to send to jail. This ending requires collecting evidence so that the Hacketts can be arrested, and some of that evidence is easy to miss. Collecting the evidence will also prove the innocence of the counselors in the events that happened during the game.

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The drawback for this ending is that the werewolf curse might not be broken depending on the choices that players make. On one hand, having the Hacketts who are infected also end up in jail has some satisfaction to it, but it's not a good ending for the counselors who aren't able to avoid being infected. However, for players who feel frustrated with the Hackett family throughout the game, this will be the best ending for the satisfaction that they'll be spending time in jail.

The Quarry's Best Ending - The Counselors Live & The Curse Is Lifted

The main characters in a bonfire in The Quarry.

Saving everyone in The Quarry is not an easy task. There are a lot of ways that the counselors can end up dead, but by making the right decisions and succeeding in QTEs, it's possible to keep them alive through the night. Some of the counselors, like Emma and Abigail, are able to make it to a location where they can wait out the rest of the night in safety. Other characters will be busy working to survive until the sun rises.

For the perfect version of this ending, players need to not only keep the counselors alive, but they also need to kill Silas so that the werewolf curse is lifted. Accomplishing this requires the help of Travis, which means that it's beneficial for players to be honest with him from the beginning of the game, a difficult task given his unfriendly attitude. However, since some of the counselors can't avoid being infected or need to be infected to survive, killing Silas is a must so that they aren't doomed to struggle with every full moon.

The Quarry has too many endings, but most of them are similar enough that players won't need to replay the game to see every single one. The biggest changes between them come from Eliza's final dialogue and in the implications of the ending, which is revealed in the podcast that plays during the credits while an image of a newspaper headline is shown on a computer monitor. This makes the amount of endings in The Quarry a little less overwhelming.

Players who played Supermassive's previous game, Until Dawn, shouldn't be surprised at this style of epilogue. Until Dawn's endings included mostly changes in the testimony that characters are seen giving at the end, with the biggest element of the ending being Josh's fate. While there are many more endings this time, the number of drastic differences between the endings is small enough that there is a manageable number of good and bad ones that players should see in The Quarry.