The Rings Of Power: 9 Biggest Reveals From The SDCC Trailer

The San Diego Comic-Con had a great surprise for Lord of the Rings fans: an official full trailer for the upcoming Prime Video series The Rings of Power. This three-minute teaser combined several of the images and clips that had previously been released, as well as many new clips, to better give prospective audiences an idea of what to expect from the highly anticipated series.

Of course, it can be challenging to come to any definitive conclusions from a trailer alone, and three minutes isn't a lot to go on. However, this could very well be the last full trailer that fans can see before the series' official release on September 2nd, and several things can be surmised from the teaser, especially in combination with previously given clues. From the role both canon and original characters will play in the plot to what significant moments from Tolkien lore will be included, there is a lot to unwrap in this most recent sneak peek.


9 Galadriel Knows Peace Is Not Secure

Galadriel putting a helmet in a pile in The Rings of Power

It has been evident since the earliest glimpses of Rings of Power that Galadriel, one of the best elves in Lord of the Rings, will play a significant role, and the SDCC trailer has continued to reinforce this. She is featured in many scenes interacting with almost every central character that has been advertised. Her voice-over also makes something obvious: Galadriel knows that the evil of Middle-earth's first age is far from over.

This lines up with Tolkien canon since Galadriel was one of the few that never trusted Annatar (Sauron in his seductive form). Since audiences already know that Sauron will rise again, Galadriel will likely take the part of the character that is "in the know" and will enhance audiences' frustration that no one will listen to her warnings.

8 Galadriel Is Teamed Up With Queen Míriel

Queen Miriel from The Rings of Power

Shortly into the trailer, Galadriel is shown speaking to queen regent Míriel, who is clearly very familiar with the elf. Míriel seems to be the only character in the first portion of the teaser that shares Galadriel's concerns, and she invites her to use the Palantir (a familiar sight to LotR fans) to confirm that something they both fear is coming.

Of course, Míriel has reason to be concerned. She is doomed to be usurped by Pharazôn, who will be the last king of Númenor before it is wiped from the world Atlantis style. There is never any indication in Tolkien's works that Galadriel had anything to do with the doomed kingdom of men, which the Lord of the Rings' worthy king Aragorn is descended from, but it can safely be concluded that this will be the case in Amazon's adaptation.

7 There May Be Scenes From The First-Age

Rings of Power trailer

When Galadriel touches the Palantir, several images flash before audiences' eyes. It is unclear if these images are meant to show exactly what she sees or if they were just stylistic choices for the trailer, but there still seems to be some major significance to these moments. One, in particular, is the disturbing images of hundreds of bodies floating in water with a glowing tower illuminating the scene in red.

The watery scene may indicate that this is a critical moment from the past:  the Kinslaying at Alqualondë. This was the first time elves had slaughtered other elves, resulting in the exile of all involved, including Galadriel. This made it a significant moment in her life since she was then unable to return to Valinor.

6 Vengeance Will Be A Major Motivator

Galadriel by her brother Finrod's body in The Rings of Power

Another telling scene within the trailer was Galadriel mourning for her brother, Finrod. In Tolkien's tale, Beren and Lúthien, it is revealed that Finrod was killed by Sauron's werewolves in the First Age, which provides more evidence that Rings of Power will include flashbacks to some crucial moments from the early days of Middle-earth and the surrounding continents.

In the scene, Finrod is covered in claw marks, implying that the series will follow canon here, but it also shows his body grasping a familiar dagger. This blade has previously been seen in Galadriel's possession, hinting that it may be a token of vengeance for the elf.

5 The Many Forms Of Sauron

Is that sauron in rings of power trailer anson boon

In the SDCC trailer, Galadriel's voice states that evil was waiting for them. At that moment, the image of a mysterious figure is shown looking wrathful. Audiences know that this character is played by actress Bridie Sisson, but it is not completely clear who they are supposed to be.

The trailer seems to want viewers to believe that this is Sauron in one of his many forms. According to Tolkien's works, Sauron took the form of a beautiful trickster known as Annatar when he misled the elves into creating the Rings of Power, and this character looks regal enough to fit. However, Tolkien die-hards can't help but wonder if such an angry character could be the Lord of Gifts.

4 Theo Has A Connection To Sauron

Tyroe Muhafidin as Theo and black sword in Rings of Power

Earlier promotions for Rings of Power have introduced a young boy named Theo, but his role in the series has not previously been known. However, he was highly featured in the new SDCC trailer, indicating that he may have a more important part in Sauron's plot than audiences might have guessed.

Theo is shown being grabbed by an older man, who aggressively asks him if he has heard of Sauron. In this moment, the boy seems eager to cover a mysterious brand on his arm.  A few clips later, Theo is shown holding a broken blade that magically begins to regenerate itself. The burning, ashy appearance of the blade brings to mind the destroyed Morgul blade from LotR, making it appear that Theo may have some connection to the Dark Lord.

3 The Balrog And The Fall Of Khazad-Dûm

Balrog in Rings of Power

As other promotions have shown, the dwarf prince Durin IV holds what many have believed to be a piece of Mithril, the precious metal that made up the mail shirt that Frodo would one day wear. The trip through Moria in Fellowship of the Ring revealed that the dwarves of Khazad-dûm had greedily mined the metal before accidentally unearthing a deadly evil.

This makes the final reveal of the SDCC trailer, a fiery Balrog, all the more surprising. Of course, audiences know that Khazad-dûm is doomed to fall, but the focus on Mithril and the appearance of a Balrog reveals that the kingdom's destruction may be happening as soon as the first season of Rings of Power.

2 A Battle Between the Races

Disa from Rings of Power

The SDCC trailer starts calm and peaceful for all the races of Middle-earth, but after a couple of minutes, the tension of all the characters is running high. This tension comes to a climax when Durin III is heard saying, "there can be no trust between hammer and rock," and the armies of dwarves, men, and elves are seen preparing for battle.

This may indicate that while Galadriel is desperate to prevent the mysterious threat from destroying them all, the races of Middle-earth will be turning their swords, bows, and axes towards each other. Given the tumultuous history that audiences observed as the main characters fought in The Hobbit movies, this would not be surprising.

1 The Harfoots Are Connected To The Meteor Man

The Harfoot from Rings of Power holding a mysterious hand.

One of the biggest mysteries of the Rings of Power trailer is the man that comes crashing down to Middle-earth in, or as, a meteor. There seem to be no clues in Tolkien's works to indicate who this could be, so audiences have speculated that this character, played by actor Daniel Weyman, will exist outside of canon.

Previous trailers have shown the harfoots interacting with this mysterious man, but the SDCC trailer looks closer at the character Nori as she interacts with him. Her expression is concerned, curious, and gentle, indicating that she cares for the "meteor man." Some have speculated that he could be Sauron, but since hobbits are resistant to his influence in the future, it seems unlikely that the harfoots would fall prey to his wiles in the Second Age. Perhaps the Rings of Power creators managed to sneak in a form of Gandalf, the best wizard in The Lord of the Rings.

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