The Simpsons: Bart's 9 Best Catchphrases, Ranked

The Simpsons season 33 is over and received a great response from the audience, and the 34th season is now on the way to its release soon, which means the Springfileders will return with more cleverly hilarious content. Throughout the show's over-30-year run, it has given the world many memorable moments, quotes, and lessons through its funny but symbolic characters.

The show's enduring catchphrases of the characters have survived the show's numerous seasons. Homer Simpson's eldest child and only son, Bart Simpson, is responsible for some of the show's most memorable catchphrases. The way Bart utilizes them is impromptu, creative, and amusing.


9 Whoa, Mama!

Bart is comically vocal about the various emotions he feels at different times. He often marks them with catchphrases that describe his mood. Bart expresses his positive reactions to situations through the catchphrase, "Whoa, mama!" Before the ninth season's episode 18 of the show, "This Little Wiggy," he had never said this remark.

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However, Bart did use this phrase in Simpsons Shorts - The Art Museum. Whenever something impresses him, Bart marks the scene with this phrase. Another time Bart can be seen using this phrase is in episode 15, titled "Co-Dependent's Day" of season 15. Despite not being many times, Whoa, Mama got attributed to Bart as one of his prominent catchphrases.

8 Cowabunga

The Simpsons Barts Not Dead

Even though Bart rarely uses it, the delightfully absurd word Cowabunga is a recurring joke and one of the show's most popular catchphrases. On a short episode of The Tracey Ullman Show where Bart was skateboarding, he said "Cowabunga" when Lisa turned out superior to him.

When Bart first used the phrase "Cowabunga," he was working with his father, Homer Simpson, on a chocolate milk commercial. Following the crew's command to cut, Bart continues by complaining that his script is terrible and that he has never in his life said "Cowabunga." Despite Bart not uttering the term very much, it is well-known.

7 Ow! Quit it.

Maggie nudges Bart's arm in The Simpsons Season 1, Episode 1

Season 1 of The Simpsons has many memorable moments. The expression initially appeared in the first episode, when Bart is getting a heart tattoo on his right upper arm. Marge, Bart's mother, expresses her displeasure with this right away. She takes Bart to a surgeon to get the tattoo surgically removed through laser treatment. Marge uses all the Christmas money in the procedure that she has saved in a jar.

After the surgery, Bart's upper arm is bandaged, and Lisa and Maggie keep touching it. To this, Bart repeatedly replies, "Ow! Quit it." Bart uses this a few other times later in the show when someone or something hits him. The phrase is heard again when Dr. Hibbert touches Bart's wound on his forehead and pokes him on his toe in episode 10, season 2.

6 I'm Bart Simpson, Who The Hell Are You?

Bart sitting on Santa's lap in The Simpsons season 1, episode 1

If it is The Simpsons characters talking, no conversation is bland. Bart has quite an interesting way of introducing himself and asking others to identify them. Bart used this catchphrase famously in the very first episode of the first season, which ranks among the best seasons of The Simpsons.

In the first episode, when Bart meets Santa, He greets him joyfully with "Hey Santa, what's shakin' man?" but Santa struggles with his name. To this, Bart replies, "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?" Bart also says this catchphrase while pointing his torch at FBI agent Annie Crawford when she enters his home at night through the window of his room in episode one of season 25.

5 Don't Have a Cow, Man!

Homer, Maggie, and Bart Simpson together at dinner table

"Don't have a cow, man!" is Bart's favorite non-aggressive phrase, which he uses when to imply to other people to not get all upset about something. He uses this catchphrase religiously throughout seasons one to nine, sometimes replacing the "man" with "dad" or "mom."

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Bart likes people to take it easy, especially when they are about to throw a fit at him. He has used this catchphrase many times it is hard to pick a favorite. He says that constantly to his parents, family members, and school friends. This phrase has become famous among the fans and has spread out into the daily language of many people.

4 Get Bent

Bart holding GET BENT sign to camera in fitting room

Bart first said these words in episode 4, season 3, "Bart The Murderer," where Principal Skinner vanished and was assumed dead. Fat Tony attempted to frame Bart for the apparent murder of Principal Skinner after Bart arrives late for work that day and blamed Principal Skinner. After everyone that he was still alive, Bart was cleared of all charges. In response, Bart told Fat Tony to get bent when he asked whether there were any resentments.

Bart has used this catchphrase on at least two other occasions. In episode 14, season 3, Bart made a sign saying "GET BENT" and held it to the camera in the fitting room he was trying things on. He also put this phrase on his line of novelty T-shirts, which Flanders bought thinking it was a reference to kneeling to pray.

3 ¡Ay, Caramba!

Bart's famous first words and his most iconic catchphrase, Ay Caramba! are used by him every time he's surprised or amused with something. It's not new for Bart to be responding with spontaneous words, and Ay Caramba is his second most used phrase. He first said it when he was a baby and saw Homer and Marge in bed.

He used this catchphrase in season five, episode 12, as well. Eight major characters, including Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie, Ned Flanders, Barney Gumble, Nelson, Mr. Burns, and Bart, used their most famous catchphrases together in a dialogue.

2 I Didn't Do It!

Bart breaks fish tank

When Bart messes something up or gets into trouble, his go-to dialogue is "I didn't do it." Even though every time, it's apparent that he is guilty. For instance, in episode 16, season 3, when Bart broke the fish tank in class with his yo-yo, he uses the shaggy defense, "I didn't do it," even though the string is still attached to his finger.

Bart shares another iconic scene with the popular supporting character, Krusty the Clown, who used this catchphrase in season 1. The catchphrase first became well-known in episode 12 of season 5 when Bart messed a joke in Krusty's act and ended up wrecking the entire set. He then says, "I didn't do it." The audience loved the act, so Krusty utilizes Bart and his "I didn't do it" catchphrase in subsequent sketches, eventually turning it into a franchise.

1 Eat My Shorts!

Bart at Kindergarten telling his Principal off

Bart uses this phrase most of the time to insult someone. This catchphrase is so loved that even other characters, including Homer and Ned, use them. Homes used this catchphrase once to his boss, Mr. Burns, while passing by him in a car to let out his frustration and complete his task to "tell off the boss."

One of the most iconic scenes of Bart saying Eat My Shorts! is to his principal, Seymour Skinner, in season 9, episode 3, when Bart is in kindergarten. Principal Skinner tries to assert himself over Simpson but ends but being insulted by him in front of the whole kindergarten. Thie catchphrase is truly Bart's greatest one.

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