The True Story Behind Betty White’s Community Cameo

Community's six seasons are filled with cameos, but the true story of Betty White's role as Professor June Bauer is far more interesting than the rest. Replacing Spanish teacher Señor Chang, Professor Bauer is the newest erratic teacher instructing the study group, this time guiding Community's characters through the world of anthropology. So, here is the true story behind Betty White's Community cameo as the violent and adventure-loving Professor Bauer.


Community follows a study group populated by several wash-ups attempting to survive Greendale Community College and its eclectic faculty and students. While the show features many celebrities frequently cameoing as professors, such as John Oliver's Professor Ian Duncan, Betty White's scarce appearances in Community season 2 are some of the most memorable. First appearing in Community season 2, episode 1, "Anthropology 101," Professor Bauer gave the class an assignment that involved giving her students several tools and subsequently made them decide which one is the most important. When main character Jeff Winger tells her that the answer is respect, Professor Bauer corrects him by stating that the most important tool is all of them combined, which she proves by using them to beat Jeff and knock him unconscious. Although Betty White's character disappears after this episode (with her character having been fired for assaulting Jeff), this cameo appearance has been widely regarded as one of Community's best.

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According to TV Guide, the cast and crew of Community treated Betty White like royalty behind the scenes. Many of the major actors that played Community's main characters were honored to be working with Betty White, who was then 88 years old. Betty White even pointed out that Professor Bauer is the most violent character she's played, with her character being proficient in combat and survival skills. The hard-to-pull-off fighting moves weren't all Betty, though. Community made frequent use of Betty White's stunt double Caryn Mower in "Anthropology 101," with her taking over for the 88-year-old for some of the more difficult scenes. While Betty White was hilarious in this episode, it isn't the last time that viewers see Professor Bauer in Community...

Betty White Returned For One Of Community's Best End Tags

Betty White as June Bauer, Glendale's Anthropology teach in Community

Every episode of Community features a hilarious end tag, one of the most iconic parts of the show. Out of all of them, though, Betty White's end tag in Community season 2, episode 3 "The Psychology of Letting Go" is one of the funniest. Two episodes after Professor Bauer's firing from Greendale, the character is shown discussing the meaning of Inception with two confused tribesmen in Mimpousa, Congo. This joke not only works because of its absurdity and timeliness, but it also gives a glimpse into the wild life of Jane Bauer and what she has gotten up to after her time at Greendale. While many viewers thought Betty White's cameo was one and done, her appearance in "The Psychology of Letting Go" is one of the Community's funniest end tags.

Although the study group doesn't stay in Anthropology long, the gags in this class are some of the show's best. Putting a regal woman like Betty White in a violent and wacky role is always hilarious, and June Bauer fits the bill. While her cameo is one of Community's funniest, the true story behind Betty White's cameo is just as interesting as the show itself.