This PC Case Comes With An Aquarium On Top

A Chinese chassis company by the name of MetalFish has built a PC case that boasts a literal aquarium on top. Where most PC builders opt for interesting colors, sizes, or shapely design to add some flair to their PC cases, MetalFish has decided that having a home for the underwater pets of the gaming community is what really matters most.

The aforementioned qualities of the normal PC chassis are just some considerations a PC builder will make. Included with the forethoughts about colors and shape are motherboard compatibility, from the mini-ITX to the full sized ATX, a decent maximum clearance for graphics cards, a reasonable amount of space for case fans relative to the associated components, and, of course, pricing. All of these factors are important to varying degrees and will come into play during a purchasing decision. What sets this aquatically-themed chassis apart from the normal market share of cases is that its strengths don't work in tandem with each other at all.


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A PC case with an aquarium on top is pretty obviously an idea that basks in the extreme side of lavishness. The interesting thing about the MetalFish's take on this concept is that the exotic, grand fish tank on top of the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is in direct conflict with the base design of the rest of the case, which is more or less just a suboptimal micro-ATX case that works on a budget. The case itself is a respectable and dull, fully gray box that is compatible with micro-ATX and mini-ITX builds. As a modern chassis, it features 240mm of graphics card clearance, which isn't enough for even the standard budget-friendly RTX 3050, alongside a single 2.5mm tray for an SSD or HDD, and a USB-powered filter to boot. Perhaps three to four years ago this case would have a broader appeal, but today it's quite niche, even without the addition of a fish tank.

Who Is This PC Case For?

Y2 fish tank chassis 2

Despite being pretty decent for budget builds, the case seems to be a niche product for the extravagant PC builder who wants to create a compact design that's aided through coordinated RGB elements to add an accent to the fish tank. The case will most benefit someone who is exclusively looking for lightweight components that are compact and easy to cool, since the limited space will make custom cooling solutions a tad difficult to fit in. Something to consider is the associated risks of having a large tub of water on top of a PC. These risks don't just end with potential accidents of water leaking onto components, they also include the potential hazards related to a constantly heating and cooling crate of water holding live pets in it.

Once beyond the potential risks and moral objections associated with this case, there is an ocean of possibilities that open up with what a competent PC builder can accomplish. Given the right components, some proper color scheming, and an assortment of lavish fish, the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis by MetalFish can actually be a strong contender for a boring PC case with a high amount of potential, even if its qualities are working against each other.