Thor: Love & Thunder Director Reacts to Possible Beetlejuice Cameo

Taika Waititi has reacted to a possible Beetlejuice cameo featured in Thor: Love and Thunder. Now that the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released in theaters, the film is being thoroughly examined for any hidden Easter eggs or references to other pieces of pop culture. Marvel has a history of including references throughout their movies and TV shows. During Phase 2, for example, each MCU film contained a reference to The Empire Strikes Back, where one of the characters would have their arm or hand cut off.

Some MCU filmmakers have integrated cameos from other their other works into the films. Anthony and Joe Russo gave a nod to their time working on Arrested Development by incorporating Tobias Fünke as an Avengers: Infinity War Easter egg. Most recently, in Doctor Strange of the Multiverse of Madness, frequent Sam Raimi collaborator Bruce Campbell appeared as a Pizza Poppa vendor, alongside Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, which has been featured in all of his movies since The Evil Dead. However, it looks like the latest pop culture cameo found in Thor: Love and Thunder may be its most bizarre yet.


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In an interview with Uproxx, director Taika Waititi was asked if Beetlejuice appears in one of the scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder. The interviewer believed that, at the end of the movie, a creature seen in the background looks like Beetlejuice when he transforms himself into a monster. When directly asked if this was a reference to Tim Burton's film, Waititi responded that he did not know if it really happened and that he wasn't aware that there was a Beetlejuice cameo. However, he does think that the cameo is indeed possible in Love and Thunder and is completely fine with it being in the finished film. Read Waititi's interview exchange about a potential Beetlejuice cameo, below:

Am I crazy, or is Beetlejuice in this movie? I saw a shadow creature at the end that looked like Beetlejuice once he transforms into a monster. I didn’t know if that was a reference or not, or maybe my brain made that up.

Waititi: Maybe one of these computer people did it themselves. I wouldn’t mind.

So it’s possible is what you’re saying?

Waititi: Yeah. It’s possible. And if it did happen, I’m okay with it.

Beetlejuice transformed into a giant snake

It doesn't seem like Waititi was even aware of a possible Beetlejuice cameo in the movie. However, knowing that he may have appeared in the film is quite cool, considering the number of pop culture references that the MCU integrates within their films. While it appears Waititi isn't aware of any rogue Beetlejuices added to the movie, it certainly is possible that a creature who looks similar was added in by the VFX team. Once the movie releases on home media, eagle-eyed fans will be sure to spot him if he's really there. And if Beetlejuice does appear as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder, then he's yet another reference in Marvel's ever-expanding pantheon of Easter eggs.

The possible appearance of Beetlejuice is another sign that Thor: Love and Thunder does fall in line with Waititi having said that the film is the craziest he's done in his career. No one expects to see a non-Marvel character appear out of nowhere as a cameo, even as a nod to one of the films that may have inspired it. Thor: Love and Thunder is currently playing in theaters where viewers can see for themselves if they think Beetlejuice snuck into the movie.