Thor: Love & Thunder - Every Member Of The Asgardian Royal Family, Ranked By Power

In Thor: Love & Thunder, Valkyrie does a great job as the ruler of Asgard after Thor bestowed her the crown - even if she doesn't have royal blood. Since a Loki variant is quite occupied with his own multiverse adventures and the rest of Thor's immediate family is deceased, the God of Thunder is the only member of the Asgardian royal family that gets to play a major part in the movie's events.

The Asgardian royal family has heavily influenced the events in Asgard and those outside of it. If it wasn't for Odin's decision to send Thor to Earth, the latter would have probably never become a member of the Avengers. But history, aside, the royal family members can be described as the most powerful, judging from past events and the general abilities each of them possess.


7 Buri

An image of Odin's grandfather Buri

The first-ever King of Asgard is Odin's grandfather and Bor's father, Buri. It was during his reign that the Asgardian dungeons and the Hall of Science were constructed.

Buri never wields his powers in the MCU hence it's hard to determine how brilliant he is. But since it has been noted that the king is usually more powerful than other Asgardians, it's accurate to presume that he is quite able. Thor once mentions that Buri had all the basic powers that every other member of the Asgardian royal family has. And even though the powers are 'basic' to Asgardians, they are quite special when witnessed by ordinary humans. These include superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and a regenerative healing factor.

6 Bor


Odin's father is the second person to sit on the Asgardian throne. He famously leads the Einherjar in their war against the Malekith and Dark Elves during the first Dark Elf conflict.

Like Buri, Bor has basic powers such as superhuman reflexes and stamina. However, he is shown to have a greater mastery of these powers. For example, he uses his superior vision to practice better aim, and as such, he is able to take out many members of the Dark Elves using the Gungnir. Hits to his body don't affect him either.

5 Frigga

Frigga visits Loki in his cell

Odin's wife, Thor and Hela's biological mother, and Loki's adoptive mother is known for her good-heartedness. Frigga establishes herself as one of the best parents in the MCU by sacrificing her life to ensure Thor's lover, Jane Forster, stays safe.

Being one of the few Asgardians who are skilled in sorcery puts Frigga above Bor and Buri. She performs unusual tricks such as changing a flower into a frog and casting illusions. She is so knowledgeable in magical powers that she is able to teach some of her skills to Loki, ensuring he masters them. She might not be a regular combatant, but she is quite strong. She easily overpowers Malekith during their duel and a punch from the Frost Giant King doesn't put her down either.

4 Loki

Loki looking angry in Thor

The Laufey 's son is taken in by Odin shortly after being abandoned as a baby. He is then raised by Frigga into adulthood, but he turns out to be manipulative and has a strained relationship with his adoptive father. He desires the throne, constantly seeking to topple those in power.

When it comes to physical strength, Loki isn't as strong as the Asgardians he seeks to rule, and that's understandable because he is actually a frost giant by birth. Nonetheless, he can hold his own against humans, even MCU characters that have taken the super-soldier serum such as Steve Rogers. He demonstrates his strength multiple times on Earth by overpowering multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and ordinary guards. And while he cannot throw heavy punches, he can take them with ease. He comes out unscathed after the explosion at the Rainbow Bridge, too. Moreover, tutelage from Frigga enables him to wield Asgardian magic, something he uses to compensate for his lack of physical strength.

3 Thor

The God of Thunder briefly serves as the King of Asgard before relinquishing the throne. He is also one of the surviving members of the original Avengers. As the royal family member who can bring thunder, he relies on his handy weapon Mjölnir to exert the mighty Thor within.

Thor lifts heavy objects with ease and has no problem flying while holding Mjölnir. He has shown his immense strength by grabbing a falling car with one arm during the Battle of Sokovia. While fighting Hulk during the Contest of Champions, he is able to lift the Avenger, too. Thor's level of endurance is incredible, something that's best demonstrated when he withstands the energy of a neutron star.  Another reason for everyone to fear Thor is his tools. While in possession of the Mjölnir, and later the Stormbreaker, opponents have a hard time dealing with him.

2 Hela

hela breaks thor's hammer

Also known as the Goddess of Death, Hela is Odin's eldest child. She briefly seizes the throne, establishing herself as one of the best MCU villains before getting defeated by her brothers.

Nothing can top Hela crushing the Mjölnir with her bare hands. It's a weapon many have failed to lift, and yet, she effortlessly destroyed it. Furthermore, her strength is best measured when facing off against numerous opponents and even a team-up of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and Hulk isn't enough to stop her. Hela is unique because she draws powers from Asgard itself, and as confirmed by Heimdall, only Odin and the Demon Surtur are more powerful than her.

1 Odin

Odin leading Thor and Loki through a chamber.

The third King of Asgard is also known as the God of Wisdom. A peaceful ruler, Odin does his best to maintain stability within the Nine Realms.

Both Thor and Hela have acknowledged that Odin is indeed the most powerful Asgardian to ever live. Among his most impressive feats is overpowering the Fire Demon Surtur, who had been powered by the Eternal Flame, and battling multiple Frost Giants without any assistance. And unlike other Asgardians, he can preserve his strength by entering a state of stasis dubbed "Odinsleep." Being one of only two Asgardians, who have access to the Dark Magic, also puts Odin in a special category. And thanks to his cosmic awareness, he is the perfect ruler because he can tell what's happening across the Nine Realms.

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