Thor: Love & Thunder Goat Becomes Ghostface in Scream Crossover Poster

A goat from Thor: Love & Thunder is transformed into Scream’s Ghostface in a fun crossover poster. After months of anticipation, Love & Thunder has finally made its way out into the world. The fourth Thor installment has met somewhat mixed reviews so far. The critical consensus especially pales in comparison to its predecessor Thor: Ragnarok, which was the film that introduced director Taika Waititi to the series and was widely loved by Marvel fans.

Besides the villainous ways of Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) and other elements of Thor: Love & Thunder’s plot, one of the most anticipated elements pre-release were the film’s goats. Thor’s goats, used for his chariot, stem from Norse mythology and were an idea that Hemsworth reportedly had for the franchise back in 2009, but was rejected by Marvel at the time. Finally making their cinematic debut in Thor: Love & Thunder, the goats appeared in countless advertisements for the film and even received their own character posters.


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One goat from Thor: Love & Thunder receives the spotlight again, this time in a wacky crossover poster with Scream. The poster, created by Bosslogic, shows the classic Scream poster, with a deep black background, the title at the bottom, and a figure placed in the center. Instead of Ghostface, however, the figure is replaced by the face of one of Love & Thunder’s goats. The goat’s orange eye is partially in shadow, with its bleating mouth agape on the lighter side. Above the title Scream, Bosslogic adds the Marvel Studios logo. The credits at the bottom appear to be the cast and crew of Love & Thunder, rather than Scream.

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Of course, this crossover would never actually happen. As of yet, the closest thing to horror in Waititi’s work is the mockumentary vampire spoof What We Do in the Shadows. The MCU claimed Doctor Strange 2 to be horror-esque, but the MCU has no plans to do a Scream crossover anytime soon. Nonetheless, the poster is a brilliantly comical pairing of the two. It uses the sleek design of the Scream poster to its advantage, taking a familiar image and replacing it with the goat.

The wait for the goats’ MCU debut is finally over, as Thor: Love & Thunder is in theaters now. The goats are mainly used for comedic effect in the movie, much like in the poster above. While the God of Thunder's future on the big screen is a bit of a mystery right now, Ghostface is guaranteed to return next year. Production on Scream 6 is currently underway, and it will see the returns of many familiar faces within the franchise. While there likely won't be any goats in the upcoming Scream movie, it's still funny to consider a scenario where the knife-wielding killer is instead a bleating goat. It would certainly bring something new to the long-running franchise, even if it is far from a practical idea.