Thor: Love & Thunder Quietly Teased Moon Knight’s Future MCU Villain

A future Moon Knight villain was quietly teased for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder. Phase 4 of the MCU has put a heavy emphasis on gods thanks to the combination of Moon Knight and Thor: Love and Thunder. The Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac focused on Egyptian gods like Khonshu and Ammit, which added to the MCU's mythology of gods ahead of Gorr the God Butcher hunting gods down. Speculation understandably turned to whether or not Moon Knight and Thor: Love and Thunder would crossover in a major way.

Those hoping for Moon Knight to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder or see Gorr the God Butcher kill one of The Ennead gods were ultimately left disappointed. The two MCU Phase 4 projects have little to do with one another at the end of the day, as Gorr's god-killing mission never comes close to Egyptian mythology. However, Thor: Love and Thunder features or references dozens of deities, ranging from Wakanda's panther god Bast to Zeus' son Hercules. The latter hails from Omnipotence City, and it is during the movie's sequence in this secret city that a future Moon Knight villain is teased.


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When Thor, Valkyrie, Jane Foster, and Korg enter the hall of Omnipotence City to find Zeus, the god of thunder mentions all of the different deities that have visited this realm. Olympians like Zeus, Celestials, and many other powerful Marvel beings are known to have spent time here. Thor names a handful of other gods at this time, which includes a name drop for Ra, the sun god and father of all creation in Egyptian mythology. In the comics, Ra becomes one of Moon Knight's greatest villains, so his tease in Thor: Love and Thunder establishes a path for him to be a future MCU villain.

Who Is Ra? Marvel’s The Sun King Explained

Marvel Sun King

Ra's comic history goes back to his debut in the pages of Thor #300 in 1980 as Ammon-Ra, one of the many names he's had over the years. Like the sun god from Egyptian mythology, Ra is one of the most powerful gods in Marvel lore. He was an Elder God and his status as the King of the Gods meant bearing many children, including Khonshu - the source of Moon Knight's power. Ra's comic connections to Moon Knight went a step further in 2017 when he chose Patient 86 to become his latest Avatar, transforming him into Sun King. It was through this host that Ra and Khonshu went to war once again, as Sun King attempted to ruin Moon Knight's life, unearth his darkest secrets, and unite his biggest foes against him.

Now that Thor: Love and Thunder set up the future Moon Knight MCU villain, it is up to Marvel Studios to actually make them interact in live-action. Marvel has not announced any plans for Moon Knight season 2, but Sun King would be an ideal villain if it happens. There is a chance that Ra's Sun King becomes the villain of the Midnight Sons team-up project the MCU is seemingly building towards too. Now, audiences wanting to see Moon Knight and Sun King battle in the MCU will have to hope Marvel Studios pays off this Thor: Love and Thunder tease.