Top Ten Anime Intros That No One Should Skip, According To Reddit

Spy x Family is on hiatus for the time being until the second half of its first season premiers later this fall. So far, audiences have been thrilled by what has been produced in one of the latest successful adaptations of a popular manga. The series' first opening, "Mixed Nuts,"  has been a particular delight for fans and newcomers alike to revel in what they are in store for. A playful song that is encompassed by an intro that understands the show's premise and delicately balances between its Cold War aspects and a playful Madeline-like sequence.

The importance of an anime's opening (or any show for that matter) is significant, as it is what essentially sets what audiences are to expect. Somehow, however, as soon as that "Skip Intro" button appears, it becomes second nature for viewers to immediately press it. Redditors have shared their opinions about which ones are worth watching through every time.


10 "Guns and Roses" From Baccano!

Based on the light novel series of the same name, Baccano! follows an ensemble of colorful characters as they navigate through the underground of Prohibition-era Manhattan. To set the mood appropriately, Brian's Base, the show's studio, had to come up with a perfect opening for the 16-episode series.

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With a jazzy instrumental, "Guns and Roses" by Paradise Lunch, the show's opening goes full Oceans Eleven by introducing all of its characters in accordance to their various personalities and occupations. Redditor Croatianpride readily states that it's one of the "absolute best openings for any series I've ever seen, animated or otherwise."

9 "Inner Universe" From Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man (2005)

Since its first theatrical release back in 1995, Ghost In The Shell has left quite the impact on the Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk genres. Following it came a wake of sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and soft reboots. These have left Ghost In The Shell to have a complicated and controversial legacy.

The Stand Alone Complex (SAC) series from 2002 is, thankfully, not a factor in the controversy surrounding said legacy. A soft reboot of the original film, SAC follows a new conflict for Section 9 to face. In a detailed list, Redditor North514 includes the video-game-esque intro to SAC, going so far as to say that "all of the Ghost in the Shell SAC Ops honestly couldn't pick a favorite love the OPs and music to that series. One of the best anime in both of those categories."


Main Ensemble from the series BECK

As one Redditor appropriately exclaims in regards to the critically acclaimed coming-of-age romance-drama, "BECK's OP. I cannot skip it." And it's hard to disagree; the opening intro to the series perfectly encapsulated the 90s aesthetic accompanied by an amazing alternative hit, "HIT IN THE USA" by the BEAT CRUSADERS.

BECK is a series that follows a group of teenagers who wish to make it big with their band as they hope their journey will eventually lead them to stardom in the United States of America. So what better way to hammer that aspiration home than a chorus of "I was made to hit in America!"

7 "Hikaru Nara" From Your Lie In April

Kosei and Kaori playing music together

Your Lie In April is one of those romance anime that audiences can't help but recommend while simultaneously being sure to include a box of tissues. Emotionally resonant with those who suffer through their grief while still managing to find love. Your Lie In April takes this concept and runs with it by utilizing the power of music to help its protagonists heal and find solace with one another.

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So how does such a melancholic show open to viewers? Redditor Verc0n gives the best explanation of why this is one of the best anime openings to date. They explained that it's "Such a great op, visually as well as musically. It's a very upbeat song and you still get sad hearing it, even when it's so "grand". I also like the contrast to the second op in relation to how the show goes on."

6 "Unravel" From Tokyo Ghoul

 A stylized photo of the main characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

Although Tokyo Ghoul's anime may not have been the best adaptation of the popular manga series, it still managed to bless viewers with its amazing soundtrack. Another good thing to come from the infamous adaptation was the first opening the series had to offer.

Striking images of the Tokyo nightlife contrasted hauntingly with Ken Kaneki's clear blue-watered mindscape. To better exemplify this, is set to the tune Unravel by Per Fredrik Åsly. Redditor Verc0n calls the song "raw and emotional," and that couldn't be more appropriate considering the series themes.

5 "Lililum" From Elfen Lied

Lucy faces off armed guards as she escapes the facility

Elfen Lied is one of the more grim and harrowing anime to date. The show is centered around the teenage diclonious Lucy, who was abused horrifically by her human captors and is now on the path of revenge against all of humanity.

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To introduce this brutal tale is a compilation of images that could have been ripped from the medieval and renaissance art galleries. To accompany this is a haunting tune in with Latin lyrics called "Lilium," which translates to "Lily." One Redditor believes this to be one of the best anime openings because this is how a series knows "how to set the tone."

4 "Again" From Full Metal Alchemist

A collage promo poster of the main cast of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Considered the more mature and violent version of ATLA, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a series that still knows when to lighten the mood and find comedic relief in its war-torn world. Throughout its 64-episode run, there have been countless openings fans debate over being the best, yet most would agree that the series' first opening, "Again," is its strongest.

Redditor Verc0n believes this to be the strongest opening the show had to offer, "especially visually." Accompanied by the song "Again" by YUI, the opening delves into the past family life of the Elric brothers as well as expands upon FMAB's universe by displaying their allies and villains alike in wonderful displays of action.

3 "Falling Down" From Eden Of The East

Akira cradles a wounded Saki while calling in for help

Not to be confused with the similarly named Steinbeck novel, Eden of the East is a complex suspense-thriller that follows Saki Mori and Akira Takizawa as they race to save their homeland of Japan or else be killed. One of the more unique anime openings, considering the song is composed and performed by the English rock band, Oasis.

Eden of The East is one of the rare cases of openings featuring a mainstream band to headline its intro. But Redditor anonymepelle would argue it's because of the utilization of "motion graphics" that it succeeds as well as it does.

2 "Cruel Angel's Thesis" From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rui stands before a full moon in the intro

"Cruel Angel's Thesis" quite possibly may be the quintessential opening to any anime. Many on Reddit, including lilyeye19, made sure to make the Neon Genesis Evangelion intro an entry on their list of top ten anime openings.

It's as influential as the anime it accompanies to the point where shows like Regular Show even parody it. A modern pop-culture staple, the lyrics are sung beautifully by the wonderful Yoko Takahashi over a compilation of images that hit home the series' main themes, such as lust, belonging, depression, and religious mythology.

1 "TANK!" From Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel from Episode 11 of Cowboy Bebop

"You don't skip tank. YOU JUST DON'T," exclaims Redditor TheGreatDan in regards to the highly popular Cowboy Bebop opening, "TANK!" Composed and performed by famed musical artist Yoko Kanno and her band, The SEATBELTS, together they kick it into high gear to introduce one of the greatest anime of all time.

From its line "One, two, three, let's jam.." to the explosive, jazz-infused score that embodies the "Bebop" from the series title. It's an outstanding classic for anyone to enjoy that even before the live-action adaptation was released, Yoko Kanno and The SEATBELTS did a live online concert, and their performance didn't miss a beat to the delight of fans worldwide.