Tower of Fantasy: Beginner's Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

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Tower of Fantasy, like most massive online role-playing games, can be very daunting for new players, which is why learning a few essentials about it can make the first few hours more enjoyable. Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play MMORPG released for iOS, Android, and PC and was developed by Perfect World, Hotta Studios, and Level Infinite, the studio behind PUBG Mobile Lite. The game puts players in a universe where mankind was forced to leave Earth due to a lack of resources and energy supplies. In their new world, Mara, the remnants of humanity now seek to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious alien energy called Omnium.


In Tower of Fantasy, players will be able to equip up to three weapons at a time and have the ability to switch between them freely during combat. In fact, this is even advisable due to the ability to perform charging attacks. As players attack with their character in Tower of Fantasy, they will begin to see a bar filling up around their secondary weapon in the bottom right corner. When that bar is filled, players can switch to it, to perform powerful charging attacks that will deal massive damage.

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Tower of Fantasy’s weapon system divides them into three categories: Attack, Defense, and Support, each represented by a specific symbol. Having different combinations of these categories equipped will provide players with different Resonance. By equipping two weapons of the same type, players will gain buffs that depend on that category. Two attack weapons will provide a damage buff, two Defense weapons will increase damage reduction and the hatred/revenge status, and two Support weapons will increase all healing done.

Managing Stamina in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Stamina Climbing

Whether players go solo or join their friends in Tower of Fantasy's multiplayer, they will have to constantly manage their stamina bar during combat to keep it from depleting. The good thing is that dodging is completely independent of stamina, meaning that if players do run out, they won’t necessarily be defenseless against enemy attacks. Attacking, jumping, or climbing, however, do consume stamina, and if players run out while climbing they will fall and take damage. To permanently increase their maximum stamina in Tower of Fantasy, players will need to find and consume Massive Mushrooms.

How to use Perfect Dodges in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Resonance Defense Attack Support

Using a dodge will deplete one of three bars that players have, but will immediately start to refill it as soon as it is used, whether in combat or while exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy. This means that with proper timing and management, players will rarely find themselves unable to dash. If players manage to time their dodges perfectly, they will create a small radius in which enemies will remain stuck in time. Perfecting this ability can be extremely powerful as it allows players to control the flow of combat and freely combo frozen enemies without having to worry about getting attacked.

Weapon Slots and Elemental Damage in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Elemental

In Tower of Fantasy, players are offered three slots for weapons, which they should use to their full advantage. One way to do that is through the use of Elemental Damage. As players progress and level up in Tower of Fantasy, they will encounter many types of enemies that will be extremely resistant to some types of damage and very vulnerable to others. By making sure that each weapon they carry can inflict distinct elemental damage types, players will be ready to face any enemy they come across in the most efficient manner.

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  • Tower of Fantasy Key Art
    Tower of Fantasy
    Original Release Date:
    Action RPG, mmo, Free-to-Play
    Online Multiplayer
    Hotta Studio
    Level Infinite
    In Tower of Fantasy, mankind has been forced to leave Earth in search of new frontiers due to the depletion of resources and energy. Now humanity has migrated to Aida, a lush alien world that supports human life. When humans discover a comet known as Mara which contains an energy source known as "Omnium", they build a Tower to contain it. However, Omnium radiation causes a catastrophic event which will require heroes from all over to bring everything back to normal.Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play multiplayer game with action RPG elements, where players can create their own protagonists while gathering new heroes, weapons, and classes as they travel the world of Aida. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can partner with others as they travel the land collecting materials and upgrades for their teams. Tower of Fantasy has entered an early open access beta as of August 11th, and will fully release on Steam in Q4 of 2022.