Virgin River Season 4 Ending Explained & Questions Answered

Warning! This post contains spoilers for Virgin River season 4.

Virgin River season 4 ends with a bang leaving plenty of unanswered questions and drama in its wake. Virgin River remains one of Netflix's top shows thanks to the large group of entertaining characters and stunning scenery. Season 4 of Virgin River premiered on July 20, allowing subscribers to binge-watch the popular drama and continue following Mel and Jack's love story. Beyond settling some critical aspects of Mel and Jack's relationship, the finale provided plenty of drama regarding the entire cast of Virgin River characters.


Season 4 of Virgin River follows Melinda, aka Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), and Jack (Martin Henderson) as they navigate their relationship after discovering Mel is pregnant with either Jack's or Mark's baby. While Virgin River newcomer Dr. Cameron and ex-girlfriend Charmaine stir up some issues for the couple, Mel and Jack end season 4 by becoming engaged and finding out that Jack is the father of Mel's baby.

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Virgin River season 4 ends with the bombshell that Jack is not the father of Charmaine's twins and that she has been lying this entire time. Other characters also saw their fair share of drama, with the return of Paige causing turbulence for Preacher, Denny revealing an illness to Doc and Lizzie, Hope’s (Annette O’Toole) need for aid, and Melissa becoming the new villain in town.

Who Is The Real Father Of Charmaine's Baby?

Charmaine with Todd on Virgin River.

In true Virgin River fashion, the cliffhanger season 4 ending reveals that Jack is not actually the father of Charmaine's twins. After Mel and Jack leave dinner to rush to Charmaine's aid, a panicked Charmaine reveals that she's been lying to Jack about being the father. Charmaine became pregnant at the end of season 1, and up until the season 4 finale, Jack was believed to be the father. In an interview (via Glamour), Alexandra Breckenridge revealed that initially, the true father was going to be a man from a one-night stand. But now it appears it is someone viewers already know from the Virgin River cast and universe. While Charmaine is married to Todd, he also cannot be the father as he and Charmaine didn't meet until after she got pregnant. That leaves few possibilities from Charmaine's known timeline to be the father of her twins.

How Nick Connects To Emerald Lumber

Jack and Brady talk to one another at Emerald Lumber yard

In previous seasons of Virgin River, there hasn't been much mention or screentime for Nick, as he remains a side character. But as the new investor behind Jack's new glamping business, Nick has made a few more appearances in Virgin River season 4. During the Virgin River season 4 finale, Nick and his wife, Jo Ellen, go out for dinner with Mel and Jack. Nick announces that his sister will join them, and in walks Melissa Montgomery. Melissa first appeared earlier in season 4 as the head of Emerald Lumber and its underground drug ring. As the backer of Jack's glamping business, Nick has money, but the income is believed to come from owning the local bed and breakfast. Jo Ellen mentions to her sewing circle that Nick's sister runs the family trust and gives Nick a check every month. Whether or not Nick knows how the family business really makes money is unclear. Still, the potentially dirty money behind the new glamping business could hurt Jack down the line.

Did Preacher Kill Vince?

Preacher on Virgin River looking worried.

In the season 4 finale of Netflix’s Virgin River, Preacher and Paige finally face off against Vince. After taking Christopher, Vince was on the run throughout season 4 of Virgin River. When a distraught Paige unexpectedly shows up, she strikes a deal with Vince to exchange herself for Christopher's freedom. Preacher follows Paige and jumps in just as Vince becomes violent with Paige. After a quick fight, Preacher knocks Vince out, and he falls to the ground. It's unclear whether Vince is dead or just unconscious. Still, the actor, Steve Bacic, did make an appearance at the season 5 table read (via Instagram). With Mike and the police on the way, it appears as though Paige is finally safe. Season 5 of Virgin River will likely see an interesting dynamic between Preacher and Paige due to Preacher's new relationship with Julia.

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What Illness Does Denny Have?

Doc's grandson arrives at the B&B

Denny is a season 4 newcomer to the picturesque location of Virgin River. Throughout season 4, it was unclear whether Denny's intentions were pure or not. Denny was caught with drugs that didn't belong to him and rifled through Doc's financial records. Denny was also hot and cold with Lizzie, claiming he couldn't be in a relationship with her. When she confronts him about this in the finale, he reveals that he has Huntington's Disease (an inherited neurodegenerative disease), which is why he can't have a future with her or anybody. Doc also demands the truth from Denny after asking about the drugs.

What Mel's Future In Virgin River Looks Like After Quitting

Virgin River Season 4 Ending

In a conversation with Doc, Mel reveals that she will leave the practice so that Cameron will stay on as the new doctor. This leaves Mel without the job she originally came to Virgin River for, but now she’s in a relationship with Jack. While Mel sought Virgin River in season 1 to escape her past and focus on a new job, she ultimately stayed because of the connections she made and her love for Jack. Her reason for being in Virgin River no longer connects to the job she started the series with. Her future in Virgin River now belongs to Jack and their baby. Without a job at Doc's practice, she could slow down and not work due to her high-risk pregnancy. She may also pick up a nursing job in a neighboring town. Or ultimately, she'll find herself back at the practice when the tension between her and Cameron simmers.

The Real Meaning of Virgin River Season 4's Ending

While the baby drama may be over for Jack and Mel, the effects will be long-lasting in Virgin River season 5. Jack does not let go of things easily and will likely hold onto anger and resentment toward Charmaine for lying to him. This could also test his recent sobriety and the progress he has made in therapy. Jack also unknowingly entered into business with Emerald Lumber by using the funds from Nick to begin his glamping business which he started to afford his upcoming family.