Welcome To Plathville: Why Kim Saying She 'Had No Voice' Is Disgusting

Kim Plath is headed in a new direction on Welcome to Plathville, but fans aren't believing everything that she is saying. Almost 25 years after she said, “I do,” she is calling it quits with her husband, Barry Plath. During the majority of their marriage, she felt ignored and taken for granted.

The mother of nine spent many years focusing on being a wife and a caretaker. After settling down and starting a family, Kim from Welcome to Plathville felt that she had lost her voice, as she believed that she didn’t have a say very often. She said that she felt like Barry had failed to listen to her, or take her seriously. Kim is tired of living her life in the background, and says that she deserves to be happy.


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This claim surprised and outraged viewers, as Kim has always been headstrong and outspoken on the show. Many fans don’t think that the role of the submissive wife was ever really a good fit for her personality. Lots of times, Kim has taken control, and manipulated situations to her benefit. Fans accuse her of playing the victim, and that isn't winning her any sympathy from fans. Reddit user PlayfulQuietDreamer commented in a thread about the topic, writing, "Kim didn’t feel like she had a voice? Seriously? She was the micromanaging oaf that set the ridiculous rules and expectations. I can’t believe that Barry said that - and apparently believes it."

Kim Plath

Viewers think that the broken relationship that Kim has with her oldest son Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath is due to her narcissistic and selfish behavior. Unfortunately, Kim has never taken any accountability for her actions, or attempted to make genuine apologies. When the decision was made to separate Ethan from his siblings, it was Kim that took the lead. Ethan was painfully aware of that, telling her that she was the neck that turned Barry’s head. Clean-Climate6144 replied with their thoughts, "Her voice was heard and is the reason every family member is where they are now."

Kim has a difficult time respecting boundaries, and instead chooses to do what is in her best interests. When Barry advised her to skip daughter Moriah Plath's concert, she blatantly ignored him and attended anyway. While Barry recognizes that his children are growing up and need their space, Kim only thinks about herself. Her attitude and behavior have damaged the people closest to her, and forever altered those relationships.

It’s hard to believe that Kim didn't feel valued, as she is always in charge on Welcome to Plathville. Even if Barry did see cracks in the marriage, it was clear that he didn’t want to rock the boat. Instead of disagreeing with her or standing up to her, he tried to make peace so she would be happy. Unfortunately, his silence and passive attitude didn’t keep his marriage intact. Unsurprisingly, in the end, Kim had the final say, and she choice to end the relationship.