What To Know About Welcome To Plathville's Ethan & Olivia’s Europe Trip

While the rest of the Welcome to Plathville cast is making joint statements calling out the show, Ethan and Olivia Plath have escaped on a trip to several European countries. After the explosive season 4 finale, it is no surprise that Ethan and Olivia would take this time to get away from the drama and travel. While Ethan does not update his Instagram often, Olivia has been posting several beautiful pictures and videos from their vacation.

Welcome to Plathville season 4 was one of the most dramatic of the entire series, and the finale was no exception. With Kim and Barry Plath getting a divorce, the entire family dynamic shifted, and the kids seemed to be taking sides. Ethan reconnected with both of his parents and was finally able to speak out about some of the difficulties he experienced in his childhood. Olivia was ready to form a relationship with her father-in-law Barry but was still not ready to talk to Kim, and many fans supported her on this.


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The Plath family still appears to be divided, despite their statement that they are sticking together, as several Plath kids seemed to call out the Welcome to Plathville producers and Olivia. Ethan and Olivia have been through a lot on the show, starting as giggly newlyweds and going through some rough patches and even separated. After their sibling trip with Moriah and Micah Plath to Jamaica, fans were excited to see them take some time for themselves on a trip through Europe, which Olivia documented on her Instagram.

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The married couple flew to Paris on June 12 and spent a full month there during the first leg of their trip. Olivia shared the stunning views of the Eiffel Tower she and Ethan had from their place, as well as their favorite food spots around the city. The pair then made their way from France to the United Kingdom, starting by visiting London and the iconic red phone booths. With Olivia's red hair color, the Welcome to Plathville star fit right in when she and Ethan traveled to Scotland.

After exploring the fairy pools, cliffs, and waterfalls of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Ethan and Olivia journeyed over to Spain. Olivia posted a picture on Instagram of the beautiful sunset in Sevilla, Spain, and looked happier than ever with Ethan by her side. The pair were all smiles after watching the drama unfold on Welcome to Plathville season 4 when they relaxed by the seaside in Èze, France. Fans are happy to see the couple is still going strong and hope that some of their travels will make it onto the next season of the show.

Source: Olivia Plath/Instagram