Where To Watch Bad Land: Road To Fury Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)

Here's where to watch Bad Land: Road To Fury (AKA Young Ones) online, including whether it's available on Netflix, Hulu or Prime. The first two Mad Max movies by George Miller helped establish the look of post-apocalyptic action movies. In the aftermath of Mad Max's success, there was a slew of low-budget post-apocalyptic adventures taking place in dusty, desolate locations, including Patrick Swayze's Steel Dawn or even Duran Duran's music video for "Wild Boys." Mad Max helped established an entire subgenre, and it speaks to Miller's talent that 2015's belated sequel Mad Max: Fury Road is arguably the best of the bunch.


Mad Max: Fury Road is a relentless, propulsive chase with some jaw-dropping action sequences. Fury Road - being an expensive blockbuster filled with almost non-stop action - spawned fewer copycats than the earlier films, however. Bad Land: Road To Fury is a strange case, because while the title is obviously riffing on Mad Max: Fury Road (which changed the cause of the apocalypse) and they bear superficial similarities, in reality, they're very different from one another. Bad Land: Road To Fury was originally titled Young Ones, and is more of a sci-fi drama set in a drought-stricken future America.

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Bad Land: Road To Fury follows the conflict between farmer Ernest (Michael Shannon) and rival Flem (Nicholas Hoult), who is also seeing Ernest's daughter, played by Elle Fanning. Instead of high-octane chases, Young Ones is a visually impressive, slow-burn Western of sorts. The title was changed to Bad Land: Road To Fury in some territories, no doubt to cash in on Hoult's connection to Fury Road, where he played Nux. It was also likely changed in the UK due to sharing a title with classic '80s sitcom Young Ones, starring the late, great Rik Mayall. Bad Land: Road To Fury isn't available on Netflix, Hulu or Prime currently, though it's widely available on other platforms.

Where To Watch Bad Land: Road To Fury / Young Ones Online

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According to JustWatch, Bad Land: Road To Fury / Young Ones can be watched for free (with adverts) on Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Crackle and others, while it's also available on Plex. For those wishing to rent or purchase the Jake Paltrow-helmed drama, it's available from prices starting from $1.99 on YouTube, Amazon, Vudu and other services.

Bad Land: Road To Fury got somewhat mixed notices upon release, with the visuals and performances receiving good reviews, though its lack of originality was cited as an issue. The distributor's attempt to link it to Mad Max: Fury Road - which boasts a series high body count - likely didn't help its reception either, as the two post-apocalyptic adventures are very different in tone and pacing.