Where To Watch The Chucky TV Series (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)

Here's where to watch Syfy's Chucky TV series online, including whether it's on Netflix, Hulu or Prime. Every major horror movie franchise has had its share of up and downs; Halloween might be a classic, but the eighth entry Resurrection most certainly is not. With different teams of writers and filmmakers approaching sequels, the end results will inevitably vary wildly. That hasn't quite happened with the Child's Play movie franchise, though, which has boasted creator Don Mancini as a unifying force since the original film.

Outside of the 2019 remake - which he was vocally unhappy about and had no involvement in - Mancini has written every Child's Play movie. In addition to penning the first four entries, he took over as director with 2004's Seed Of Chucky. While Mancini might have created the franchise, it's never been afraid to mix up the formula. The original is a straightforward slasher, Bride Of Chucky is a meta-slasher comedy, while 2013's Curse Of Chucky is a gothic, borderline haunted house film. He changed up the formula once more with 2021's Chucky, an eight-part Syfy channel spin-off of the films.


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Chucky opens with an isolated teenager named Jake buying the Chucky doll - which has come in many forms - at a yard sale, with the possessed toy speaking into Jake's ear and committing killings on his behalf. Chucky itself changes genres and veers off in unexpected directions many times, and was one of the most wildly enjoyable horror TV shows of 2021. That are many options available to stream Chucky online too, though it's not currently available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Where To Watch SyFy's Chucky Series Online

Jake and Chucky the doll outside on Chucky

According to JustWatch, the Chucky TV series can be streamed on fuboTV, Peacock Premium, Sling TV, DirecTV, Spectrum and others. For those who wish to purchase Chucky, it can be found on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon or Google Play. Chucky served as both a good introduction point to the saga for beginners, while also being loaded with returning characters and easter eggs calling back to previous outings.

The Chucky TV series also added some new backstory for Charles Lee Ray, including his first kill, how he met Tiffany and the events that led to his demise. While Chucky season 1 ended on a satisfying note - well, not for Fiona Dourif's luckless Nica - the show left the door wide open for more adventures. Luckily, Chucky has already been greenlit for another season, which should answer the many cliffhangers left by the end of the first series, while exploring the implications of Chucky's evil plans.