Which Pixar Movie Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

For decades, Pixar has produced classic animated films that run the gamut of human emotions. Because of this, fans have formed tight emotional bonds with their favorite films, and see a bit of themselves in the story.

The zodiac is a useful classification for personality, and most of the wonderful Pixar films conform to the recognizable signs. Whether its Toy Story or Wall-E, the viewer's zodiac sign can go a long way to match them with one of Pixars animated epics.

Aries - Toy Story (1995)

woody laughing at buzz

Aries and the film Toy Story have a lot in common when taken at face value. They both represent the beginning, and they spark change upon arrival. Aries is the first sign, and Toy Story was Pixar's first feature film.


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Outside of the surface level, Aries have a competitive streak that is marked by intense jealousy. Toy Story's plot revolves around Woody's jealousy of Buzz, and it is Woody's rather Aries-like perspective that is the narrative thrust of the film.

Taurus - Ratatouille (2007)

Linguini And Remy Smiling At Each Other In The New Loft In Ratatouille

Taurus is a unique sign in that they aren't afraid to do the work to see the results that they want to see. Ratatouille closely resembles that drive, and Remy's passion for his cooking does ultimately pay off after he puts in a lot of difficult labor.

Another thing that drives the Taurus is their love of the simple pleasures of life, and food is certainly a high priority. Ratatouille offers a lot of small details for the foodies in the audience, and it's the perfect film to inspire and appetize the Taurus viewer.

Gemini - Turning Red (2022)

turning red after credits scene

While Gemini's may not have as dramatic a transformation as in the film Turning Red, they nevertheless are driven by their dual nature of curiosity and anxiety. Mei Lee's precocious youth is balanced by her strange panda-transformation affliction, but it represents a duality of sorts.

Gemini's biggest strength is their curious passion for the world around them, and they live most of their lives in the awkward stage that Mei Lee is growing through in the film. When Geminis come to accept their dualistic nature, they can harness it for good.

Cancer - Inside Out (2015)

Though Inside Out represents a wide range of emotions, it is nevertheless firmly aligned with the Cancer sign. The bulk of the film takes place within Riley's head, and the emotion characters are merely extensions of her larger personality.

Cancers can be extremely loyal, and that loyalty can also lead to a stubborn quality that makes them resistant to change. Riley's life is thrown into turmoil when she is forced to move, and that is the entire impetus of the film. Inside Out is generally considered one of Pixar's best films, largely because of how well it captured emotion (literally).

Leo - Monsters Inc (2001)

Leos are a confident bunch, they know what they can do and they often go out and do it. In Monsters Inc., Sully and Mike are at the top of their games, and they aren't afraid to bask in the glory of being the best scaring tandem in the business.

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Unfortunately, like Leos, the duo's confidence blinds them to the fact that they are headed for a great fall. Even though Mike and Sully have irresistible personalities, they allow themselves to nearly be done in by Randall because they are too confident in their own abilities.

Virgo - Up (2009)

Young Russell and Ellie laying outside together on a blanket in Up

Pixar isn't all fun and games, and Up actually dealt with serious issues. Virgos are noted for their serious mindedness, and they are quite similar to Carl in their outlook on life. Harsh with their criticisms, Virgos can often be just as critical of themselves as they can be of others.

Virgos appear quite prickly on the surface, however, when time is taken to dig deeper, it is seen that their standoffishness derives from a deep passion for humanity. Carl isn't grumpy for no reason, the elements of his life have hardened him, but beneath the surface, the child he once was still remains alive and well.

Libra - Wall-E (2008)

Because Wall-E lives all alone on a deserted version of earth, the thing he longs for the most is companionship. Libras are nothing when they don't have a friend, and they are willing to extend the olive branch to preserve a relationship.

When Eve arrives, Wall-E is over-the-moon and does whatever he can to keep her happy even though she doesn't pay attention to him. Ironically, Wall-E's Libra-like love of beauty is offset by the fact that his home is a massive pile of garbage, and it shows that he can see the best in anything.

Scorpio - The Incredibles (2004)

The superhero family in The Incredibles is a lot of things: They are brave, resourceful and, above all, just. Scorpios are also driven by similar beliefs, even if they never don a super suit and fight crime head on.

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Because Scorpios have such a strong idea of right and wrong, they can often be distrustful of anyone or anything that doesn't conform to that idea. As it is shown in the film, the heroes can be rather violent in their expressions, even when it isn't right for the moment.

Sagittarius - Finding Nemo (2003)

Marlin and Nemo swim together in Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo's title character is driven by his desire to explore the world around him, even if it isn't the right thing to do. The Sagittarius has few dislikes, but the thing that they dislike the most is being restrained in any way from doing what they want.

Nemo and Marlin's relationship is one of conflict, and it is due to Marlin's desire to protect his son. Like a Sagittarius, Nemo resists any form of control because his overpowering need to travel and break away ultimately trumps any potential pitfalls that may come along.

Capricorn - Cars (2006)

When Lightning McQueen of Cars landed himself in Radiator Springs, all of his most Capricorn traits manifested in his early interactions with the townspeople. Coming from the flashy world of racing, he had little time for their simple ways, and was somewhat of a condescending person.

McQueen's mind is stuck entirely in the materialistic world, and though that makes him a good leader, it does limit his scope. Like most Capricorns, it takes a positive experience to put things in perspective for him.

Aquarius - Soul (2020)

Soul ending Joe 22

Pixar's Soul is known for its thought-provoking quotes, and it was one of the most progressive movies the studio has ever produced. Shot-through with jazzy expression, the liquid nature of the story matches well with the personality of most Aquariuses.

Joe has passions in his life, but he feels as if he is stuck in a world that he never really wanted to be in. Though he has the positive Aquarius trait of being kind and forward thinking, he also suffers from a fear of true emotional expression that limits what he can do. He would do anything for others, but struggles to do the same things for himself.

Pisces - Coco (2017)

Leaves coco Miguel Pixar

Coco put the music to the forefront, and its title character has a natural passion for his own lyrical style of self expression. Most Pisces gravitate towards artistic expression of some sort, and their love of music is very important to their lives.

On the flip side, the artistic passions are usually used as an escape from the real world, and it stops them from dealing with problems head on. Coco channels his frustrations through his guitar, and his epic adventure is driven largely by the fact that he doesn't like what's happening in his day to day life.

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