Why Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 10 Breaks Its Title Pattern

Why is Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10's title a deliberate departure from what came before? Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould's Better Call Saul is renowned for its visual attention to detail and meticulous storytelling, and that ethos even extends to episode titles, which occasionally combine to form patterns. In Better Call Saul season 1, every episode name ended with "o" (aside from one legally-enforced change), season 3 included adjacent episodes titled "Slip" and "Fall," while seasons 4-5 featured the progressively worrying titles "Something Beautiful," Something Stupid," and "Something Unforgivable."


Better Call Saul season 6's episode titles have all used the same "X and Y" format - "Wine and Roses," "Plan and Execution," "Fun and Games." After following that pattern for a whole nine episodes, however, Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10 is simply titled "Nippy" after the made-up dog Jimmy uses to catch Marion's attention. Why break the formula?

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Dropping the "X and Y" structure signifies how Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10 should be considered a clean break from the preceding nine installments. "Wine and Roses" to "Fun and Games" comprise the final chapters of Jimmy McGill's prequel storyline, then "Nippy" flicks over to Gene - a completely different era telling a totally separate story where black-and-white replaces color. Episode 10 can be viewed as the beginning of an epilogue or mini-season primarily focused upon Gene Takavic and the future beyond Breaking Bad. To help accentuate that stark gear-shift, the "Nippy" title sequence even substitutes Better Call Saul's usual opening for the blue screen that appears when a VHS tape stops. Better Call Saul season 6 wants everyone to know the endgame has officially arrived.

What Are Better Call Saul's Final Episodes Actually About?

If a further three hadn't already been announced, viewers would be forgiven for assuming "Nippy" is actually Better Call Saul's final episode. "Fun and Games" already brought Jimmy's prequel era to a close, bridging the Breaking Bad gap with a brief flashforward sequence. "Nippy" then ends on Gene walking away from Saul Goodman's suit after tying up his loose end with Jeff. Better Call Saul could feasibly stop right there, with Gene embracing this new life after assuring his secret identity remained safe.

With every plot thread now resolved (even in Gene's timeline), what could Better Call Saul's final run of episodes actually be about? A (very) brief teaser for episode 11 shows a car stopping at a literal crossroads, hinting at a life-changing choice Gene will need to make. "Nippy" might tease the nature of this choice too. During Better Call Saul season 6's mall heist, Gene fakes an emotional breakdown to distract a security guard, but the performance quickly becomes real as his thoughts turn toward Chuck and Kim, forcing Gene into admitting he's completely alone. Better Call Saul's final episodes could be about Jimmy trying to rebuild relationships, and if we assume that doesn't involve a ritual for bringing brothers back from the dead, hunting down Kim and seeking reconciliation seems the strongest guess.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's cameos as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are still to come also. Better Call Saul must surely dip back into Breaking Bad's timeline to make those guest appearances work (their confirmed scene together especially), although Walt alone may feature in Gene's sequel story. Two major cameos and a potential Kim Wexler reunion are, however, all the clues Better Call Saul has given ahead of this upcoming closing trilogy.