Why Chris Evans Wore Fake Feet For Captain America: The First Avenger

Here's why Chris Evans donned some feet boots filming Captain America: The First Avenger. Evans was far from a stranger to the comic book movie genre when he signed on to play Steve Rogers/Captain America in the MCU. His first major comic book movie came with 2005's Fantastic Four, and while the film received mixed reviews, his charismatic turn as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch was well-received. He later returned for 2007 sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer, while that same year he also voiced Casey Jones in animated adventure TMNT.

In 2009, Evans played "geeky" hacker Jensen in graphic novel adaptation The Losers, while he chewed the scenery as evil ex Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Despite being his most famous role now, Chris Evans was reluctant to sign on for Captain America, both for the responsibility of bringing the character to life, and the commitment it represented. Over a decade on, it's doubtful Evans has any regrets, with both his performance and (most) of his movies receiving great reviews.


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Previously, actors Reb Brown and Matt Salinger - son of acclaimed author JD Salinger - had brought Captain America to life in two TV movies and a 1990 straight-to-video film respectively, but it's fair to say neither portrayal was definitive. There was concern that the superhero would be considered old-fashioned for modern audiences, but 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger removed those fears. The movie was a fun, pulpy adventure, and Evans gave Steve his noble edge without making him lame. The actor was also photographed by the Daily Mail while filming the first movie wearing so-called feet boots, which were prosthetic feet meant to look like Evans' own. The very practical reason for Chris Evans' bizarre foot attire is that he was filming an action sequence where Steve was required to be barefoot.

captain america first america foot chase

Following the super-soldier procedure that transforms Steve into Captain America, an assassin named Kruger (Richard Armitage) kills Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) and attempts to flee with his formula. Steve then has to chase Kruger through the streets of 1940s New York, though since he's newly reborn, he didn't have time to put on some shoes. Chris Evans' feet boots were provided to keep the actor's feet padded while filming these First Avenger scenes - which were actually shot in Manchester, England - and while CG smoothed over them in post-production, they look very odd in set photos.

In contrast to Hulk Hands becoming a popular MCU toy item, Captain America's fake feet were never destined to become a Christmas favorite. While it's strange looking back on pictures of Captain America's feet boots, it is just a consequence of keeping a performer safe while they shot an intense action sequence. Evans' Cap is running across concrete, broken glass and all sorts of hazards, so going John McClane was never an option.