Why Erich Schwer Is A Great Match For Bachelorette Gabby Windey

On The Bachelorette season 19, Gabby Windey has begun falling for Erich Schwer, and he might be her perfect match. Erich, a 29-year-old real estate analyst originally from Bedminster, New Jersey, made quite a first impression on both Gabby and her co-Bachelorette Rachel when he asked them to help him tie his necktie during his limo entrance. Gabby was able to do it, and they all laughed as she completed the task.

Later in the night, Gabby and Erich spent some alone time together. They laughed and joked with each other. He then asked if he could kiss her, and she gave him one of only two kisses of the night. In his confessional, Erich said that he was on cloud 9.


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On Erich and Gabby's one-on-one date, they were joined by Gabby's beloved Grandpa John. Erich greeted him with a big hug. In her confessional, Gabby said that she knew it was early, but she thought that it would be nice to see how Erich interacted with her family. First, they participated in an intention-setting ceremony during which they expressed their hopes for their journey. After that, they went bowling, and Gabby said that Erich rose to the occasion and was really easy to be around. After these activities, Grandpa John left the date, and Gabby and Erich had dinner alone, during which they discussed their families and their connection became deeper. Erich and Gabby also have had a lot of light-hearted moments so far, and they seem to really understand each other's senses of humor. He might be her ideal match.

Erich & Gabby Make Each Other Laugh

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Before The Bachelorette season 19 began, Gabby had said that she was looking for a man with a great sense of humor, something for which Gabby is known as well. On the first night that they met, Erich and Gabby had funny banter. He asked her what she thought of his signature mullet hairstyle. She said that it looked good, and she joked that she is usually not this nice all the time, so he should not get used to it. When Erich told her that she looked "absolutely stunning," she laughed that she had fake hair and a fake tan, but he "can't tell 'cause boys are dumb." He made her laugh loudly when he joked that his mullet also was fake. In her confessional, Gabby said that she really liked Erich because it was so easy with him. She said that they were making each other laugh and that she could really be herself around him. Erich and Gabby also had a great time during the group date in Bruges, Belgium, when they ate whipped cream straight from a machine at a waffle restaurant. Then they and the other men played a game in which the loser was slapped in the face with a raw fish.

Gabby Opened Up to Erich

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Gabby has said that it takes her longer to open up to people than it does for others. During their Bachelorette one-on-one date dinner, Erich told Gabby that his parents have a deep love and are soulmates and a team, and that is what he wants. Gabby opened up to Erich about her estranged mother and told him that she might never know what it is like to have a mother's love. After she said that, she became emotional and excused herself from the table. She told the Bachelorette production members that she was worried that she was too broken for anyone to love and that Erich might decide that she was not for him. She described herself as messy and complicated. In her confessional, she admitted that she was afraid of Erich and what they might have. However, she said that recognizing it is the first step to moving forward. When she returned to Erich, she thanked him for everything and for being there. She explained to him that she was scared if she was the right person to be the Bachelorette. Gabby felt comfortable enough to bare her soul to Erich, and that is what she needs in a partner.

Erich Accepts Gabby For Who She Is

Gabby Windey Erich Schwer The Bachelorette

As Gabby shared more about herself with Erich on their date, he told her that it sounded as though, because of her situation, she has become really in tune with her emotions. He said that her different upbringing shaped her as a unique person. Gabby agreed and said that she is really proud of the woman she is today. She said that when she loves people, she loves them so deeply that it hurts. Erich told Gabby that he really liked her and that he wanted them to be open and honest with each other. He said that he did not have any expectations of her, but he wanted her to be honest because it was why they were both there. Gabby then sat on his lap and kissed his cheek and neck, and then they kissed on the lips. In her confessional, she said that the night was a huge turning point for her in her growth, and it allowed her to connect with Erich in a way that she never expected. Gabby offered him her rose, and he accepted it. Gabby said that the day with Erich was one of the best days she had had so far. She said that her feelings for him were getting deeper every time she saw him, and it was scary. Gabby said, "I'm the imperfect Bachelorette, but I think in some people's eyes, it'll mean perfect. And Erich, tonight, really, really, really, really, really let me lean into that, and understand it, and be myself. 'Cause I would give anything to be loved by someone like Erich." He allows her to be herself, and accepts her fully, which is exactly what she needs.

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Erich and Gabby have had a very strong connection since the first night of The Bachelorette. He accepts her for who she is, and they always have a great time together. He already has the approval of Grandpa John, so he would fit into Gabby's family easily. He might just be the one who proposes to her at the end of their journey. Erich is the perfect match for Gabby.

The Bachelorette season 19 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.