Why Hughie Didn’t Use His Powers In The Boys Season 3 Finale

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Boys season 3, episode 8.

Hughie used Temp V to temporarily unlock his superhero powers during The Boys, but decided against taking another dose in The Boys season 3 finale, despite Starlight being in grave danger. V24, better known as Temp V, was introduced by Maeve at the beginning of The Boys season 3 when she gave Butcher three vials to help take down Homelander. The Vought-produced drug gives those who take it superpowers that last for 24 hours. Both Butcher and Hughie have taken Temp V more than once during season 3, and it granted them both superhuman strength and durability, while Butcher also gained heat vision and Hughie could teleport.


Butcher and Hughie take Temp-V to save the rest of The Boys and Annie, better known as Starlight, on a few occasions during season 3. Their most notable use of the drug came during The Boys' graphic Herogasm episode, when Hughie, having teleported Starlight away from the impending destruction, teamed up with Butcher and Soldier Boy in a failed attempt to kill Homelander. Although Temp-V has helped The Boys level the playing field with the Supes, not everyone else is happy that Butcher and Hughie use it. Mother's Milk believes Butcher is a hypocrite for taking it and Starlight grows frustrated at Hughie's need to save her. Still, there's no denying that Temp-V has come in handy during The Boys season 3.

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In The Boys season 3 finale, Hughie decides not to inject himself with Temp V to save Starlight when Soldier Boy makes her his next target. Instead, Hughie helps Annie reach her full potential by turning up all of the lights in the Vought production studio, so she could take on the powerful Soldier Boy. With all the energy she absorbed, Starlight was able to fly and release a shockwave strong enough to briefly stun Soldier Boy. Hughie's decision neatly paid off the season-long clash between him and Starlight because he finally accepted that he doesn't need to save her from Supes.

What If Hughie Took The Temp V?

Erin Moriarty as Starlight and Jack Quaid as Hughie in The Boys season 3.

If Hughie took the Temp V to teleport Starlight to safety, there would have been significant consequences. Without Starlight reaching her new level of power, the team wouldn't have had someone powerful enough to stun Soldier Boy. That could have been fatal, as Soldier Boy would have tried to murder The Boys after their attempted poisoning. Soldier Boy would have also had time to turn his attention to Homelander. Despite it being teased, Homelander and Soldier Boy didn't get to fight in The Boys season 3 finale because of Maeve's interference. If the two did get to fight, then the destruction and number of casualties would have been much greater compared to the amount of damage actually caused.

The longer-term consequences of using Temp V would have also been disastrous for Hughie. Starlight would likely have resented Hughie for using the drug once again after she made it clear that she doesn't need him to save her, and she had warned him of Temp V's deadly consequences. After once again taking Temp V during the final season 3 episode of Amazon Prime's adaptation of The Boys, Butcher learned that he only has 12 to 18 months to live after repeatedly using the supercharged drug, a fate that Hughie would likely have also faced had he also taken it again. Hughie's decision not to use Temp V in The Boys season 3 finale was correct because it saved both himself and his relationship with Starlight.

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