Why Jon Moxley Needs To Lose the AEW Interim Championship

While Jon Moxley was the right man to win AEW's recent World Title Eliminator Tournament, now that he possesses the company's Interim World Championship it has quickly become clear that he needs to lose that title. CM Punk won the AEW World Championship at May's Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Due to injury, he was then forced to take time away from the company. An Interim Champion was soon named at the AEW and NJPW crossover event Forbidden Door. Since New Japan's talents wouldn't have been able to appear every week on AEW's programming, putting the Interim title on Moxley made sense at the time.


Unfortunately, Jon Moxley's victory created an unacceptable resignation among many of AEW's viewers. Despite Tony Khan's claims to the contrary, since it's already been announced that the Interim and World titles will be merged once CM Punk returns, Moxley's Championship feels more like a glorified #1 Contender's status. With that in mind, AEW's faithful audience has started to worry that Jon Moxley will spend his Interim title reign defending against performers who stand no genuine chance at victory. With the importance of AEW's Championships now greater than ever, a stale main title picture could be devastating to AEW's current rankings.

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Jon Moxley needs to lose the AEW Interim World Championship if the company wants the title and their weekly programming to feel as compelling as Tony Khan insists they are. Of AEW's current Top Five Title Contenders, Moxley only has fresh match-ups available in the forms of Jay Lethal and Powerhouse Hobbs. Of course, both of those talents are already deeply entrenched in storylines surrounding other AEW Championships. With Jon Moxley as their Interim title holder, AEW's only options are to retread Jon's old feuds, to convolute the company's other title pictures, or to pit Moxley against the aforementioned opponents who are believed to stand little chance at victory. Moxley may have been AEW's Forbidden Door ace but he's already contributing to AEW's shortcomings as Champion.

Moxley Losing AEW Interim Title Refreshes Top 5 Rankings

AEW Champion Jon Moxley has hand raised.

AEW has been struggling to break through its plateau of roughly 1,000,000 average weekly viewers for some time now. While the company has done a commendable job in diversifying its in-ring content, there's no denying that something continues to hold the company back despite Moxley's best efforts. With the injuries of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson halting much of their current momentum, it's hard to blame AEW for its current position. However, that doesn't mean that the problematic situation AEW finds itself in should be allowed to endure. The company can't allow itself to entertain a predictable main event scene led by Jon Moxley and a list of his poorly-suited Top Five Ranked Contenders, especially since several areas of their midcard are struggling too. AEW's TNT Championship specifically has been forgettable since Miro lost that title in September of 2021.

Fortunately, the Interim World Championship and Jon Moxley offer AEW a unique opportunity to circumvent these issues. Should Moxley lose to any one of his challengers, AEW's list of Top Five Ranked Contenders would immediately be shuffled. A new Champion gets the rub of defeating Jon Moxley while adding the benefit of fresh but contested match-ups back to AEW television. This also lends credibility to the Interim title as it becomes a Championship that is truly defended instead of being predictably placed on the shoulders of Jon Moxley, who just happens to be AEW's most recognized uninjured performer. Since AEW already features monumental heel wrestlers, building one of them as the Interim World Champion before CM Punk returns could help elevate the eventual title unification match to unexpected heights.

Jon Moxley is one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. The value he adds to AEW cannot be understated. However, in the case of the AEW Interim World Championship, Moxley is an unnecessary title holder. He doesn't need the belt to draw money or viewers for the company. Meanwhile, AEW needs the ability to legitimize its Championships while putting on must-see weekly main events. When Jon Moxley loses, everyone wins.