Why Little People, Big World Fans Are Sick Of Sonic Promos During Show

While Americans may love the fast food at Sonic, Little People, Big World fans were not happy to see such a long commercial for the eatery to interrupt their favorite TLC show. Viewers are known to complain a lot, but this unnecessary ad has really angered them. Some furious fans are letting TLC know how unhappy they are as they vent their anger online.

The Roloff family has been a favorite among households for their wholesome values and fun, not to mention their over-the-top farm for 23 seasons of Little People, Big World. After years of entertainment, followers have yet to tire of their family struggles or farm shenanigans. All four of Amy and Matt Roloff's children have married their significant others, with their three sons, Jeremy, Jacob, and Zach, all having small children. TLC fans were saddened to hear of the demise of Matt and Amy's marriage but have watched them try their best to navigate the waters after their divorce. However, it seems fans have found a new target to dislike when it comes to the weekly episodes.


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Reddit is the place where Little People, Big World viewers, can go and complain when they are unhappy with the show. In the most recent episode, ChevyLevy1225 took to a thread to voice their concern about the length of a Sonic ad. The extra-long commercial struck fans as odd because it seemed to go on forever, with many viewers noting it must have been a sponsor. The ad was unlike any other, as the scene looked scripted. Zach, who didn't deserve the farm, took the kids out for the day and placed an order for food within the Sonic app. The Little People, Big World star also invited his mother, Amy, to join them. Fans were convinced that Zach had agreed to be part of the weird ad as requested by TLC.

The Sonic plug was shameless and left viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. TLC, which is home to Little People, Big World, has aired these shameless plugs in the past for brands such, as course, Sonic, Command Strips, and Dish TV. One thread participant joked that it was definitely a sponsorship ad, writing, "I'm gonna order food, let me open the app." Even though loyal viewers may have been a bit annoyed, the commercial seemed to do the trick and help garner more business for the fast-food joint.

Little People, Big World season 23 has been delivering a lot of drama. The premiere episode showed Zach and Matt at odds with one another after discussions about buying the farm fell through. The father-son duo is no longer on speaking terms, with Zach choosing to move over an hour away to Battleground, Washington. At least the growing family can still grab their favorite fast food for dinner at a discount, thanks to the in-show sponsorship ad.