Why Never Have I Ever Season 4 Is The Last Explained By Creators

Creators of the Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, describe their choice to end the series with season 4. Co-creators Lang Fisher and Mindy Kaling helm the series that follows Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), and her two best friends, Eleanor Wong (played by Ramona Young) and Fabiola Torres (played by Lee Rodriguez), on their journey through love, embarrassment, and fun in high school. The series also includes several supporting cast members including Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, Richa Moorjani as Kamala Nandiwadal, Darren Barnet as Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross, and John McEnroe as himself in the role of the narrator.


Aside from co-creating Never Have I Ever, Fisher is known her writing on shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Project. Actress, writer, and producer Kaling rose to notoriety after her role as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, a series that she also an executive produced, and since then has gone on to executive produce several others including The Mindy Project, Never Have I Ever, and The Sex Lives of College Girls. Never Have I Ever recently aired season 3 on Netflix, and season 4 already finished filming earlier this month.

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In an interview with EW, Fisher and Kaling explain why they are ending the popular Netflix series with season 4. Fisher notes that part of the reason that the series is ending is that the characters are moving on to their senior year of high school in season 4, and unfortunately the writers can't keep the characters in high school indefinitely. Kaling and Fisher also share the sentiment that the way that they've chosen to end the series will bring satisfaction to viewers both because of the natural close to a high school story ending with senior year, and because they didn't extend Never Have I Ever for an unnecessary amount of seasons just because the characters are so fun to write for. Full quotes from Fisher and Kaling can be read below via EW:

"It's hard when you have a high school show, because you can't keep them in high school forever. The cast gets older and older. Then you start having, like, 30-year-olds going to high school and it's hard to take them to college. I think we felt like this is it, this is good. We can tell this tale and end it the way we want to on a high note and really finish out senior year and it will feel satisfying." - Fisher

"We finished season 4, and it's good. It's just a testament to how hard it is to say goodbye to characters you love writing. It takes a while for writers to figure out characters. You write a pilot and then you hire people and then you get into this groove, that's why so many shows growing up lasted like five seasons too long. [Laughs] But I do feel that, in a couple years, I'll look back on this and say, 'No, that was good that it ended then.' But right now I'm not ready to accept it." - Kaling

never have i ever season 3
Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez, Megan Suri, and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever seaosn 3

Kaling and Fisher deciding to end Never Have I Ever with season 4 will be bittersweet for its fans, although that decision leads to a higher likelihood that finale will feel like a true and satisfying series finale, rather than a finale that comes at the necessity of the series being canceled. Season 3 ended with a surprise cliffhanger as Devi is apparently ready to have sex with Ben after deciding to stay at Sherman Oaks High School rather than transferring to the prestigious Shrubland school, so viewers can look forward to a season 4 in which Devi will still be grappling with her feelings toward Ben, and possibly also Paxton. Although season 4 already finished filming, it's unlikely that it will be released any time soon due to time needed to finish editing the series, as well as seasons 1, 2, and 3 setting the precedent for being released around spring or summer.

If fans truly crave more content revolving around the characters in the series, there is always the possibility that a spin-off could happen for one of the characters as long as it seems like there is a market for that series. As for now, fans of the series can find relief in the fact that there will be another season of the show, and can cherish season 4 knowing that it will wrap up Devi's story. Viewers will have to continue following updates regarding what Never Have I Ever season 4 may entail, as well as when an official release date for the final season is announced.

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