Why Nope's Alien Dumps Blood On The Haywood House

At one point in the exciting sci-fi/horror film Nope, the deadly alien dumps loads of blood on the Haywood House - but why? Nope's alien seemingly has no motivation besides those of a wild animal, being hunger and survival. However, while some believe that this strange moment is only in service of a cool visual, the reason that the alien in Nope dumps blood on the house may be a little deeper.

Nope follows California horse ranchers OJ and Emerald Haywood as they slowly realize that a UFO is stalking their house. Quickly realizing the potential opportunity that this serves, the siblings (along with several others) attempt to capitalize on the aliens by getting an unquestionable shot of the aliens. However, their plans quickly go awry as the alien causes the disappearance of a large group of locals, leading to the Nope movie ending where OJ realizes that the alien may not be as simple as it seems.


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Nope's big twist is that the UFO isn't actually a spaceship, but the alien itself, with the flying creature swooping down to eat up horses and humans. After the alien devours the entire Star Lasso Experience audience, it turns its attention back to OJ, Emerald, and their tech whiz Angel. While attempting to eat the trio during a storm, the alien hovers over the Haywood ranch house. The alien then begins spitting out various items from the audience, such as keys and coins, before spewing blood all over the house. The potential reason for this ranges from simple to complex, as there are many different theories that attempt to explain the creature's actions in this scene. The first possible reason is that the Nope movie's alien is trying to trick the Haywoods, attempting to use the blood to intimidate the Haywoods out of the house. The alien could also be marking its territory, hinted at by the fact that OJ describes the creature as territorial. The final possibility is that the alien simply ate too much and had to spit some back out. This scene is the first time that the alien spits up blood, and since it is typically shown picking people off one by one, the 40 people from the Star Lasso Experience could have been too much to handle.

Nope's UFO Spits Out What It Can't Digest

The UFO pursues OJ in Nope.

While Nope's alien is fierce, it actually proves to be pretty picky about what it eats. It frequently spits out objects that it can't digest, such as keys and the coin that kills OJ and Emerald's father during the Nope movie opening. It is also shown to choke easily, with the string of flags seriously messing it up, and the alien quickly spitting out the decoy horse. The alien's poor digestion is even what leads to its downfall, with the large cowboy balloon killing it. Nope's alien has a track record of spitting out non-digestible stuff, and it is possible that the blood it dumps on the Haywood house is just another example of this.

Nope's bloody house is one of the most striking scenes in the trailer, and the film offers several explanations regarding why the alien does this. The alien could be acting instinctually, or it could just be vomiting. Whether it be intentional or not, the Nope alien dumping blood on the Haywood House is just one of many exciting moments the film has to offer.