Why The Below Deck Season 2 Cast Was One Of The Best

Since 2013, Below Deck and its many spin-offs have given fans all the drama they need, but season 2's cast remains one of the best of all time. From several fan favorites all together on one ship to romances, friendships, and explosive fights, season 2 has it all. The highly rated second season was so beloved that it led to its first spin-off, Below Deck Mediterranean.

Below Deck season 2, which took place on the superyacht Ohana, had an all-star cast. Captain Lee Rosbach has been on nearly every season of the original Below Deck, and fans love his sassy attitude aboard the yachts. The cast included Chef Ben Robinson, Chief Steward Kate Chastain, second stew Kat Held, and third stew Amy Johnson. Also aboard was bosun Eddie Lucas, second engineer Kelley Johnson, deckhand Andrew Sturby, as well as two deckhands, Jennice Ontiveros and Logan Reese.


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Of the Below Deck season 2 cast, many have become fixtures in the franchise and are fan favorites. Ben and Kate have appeared on over half a dozen seasons each and had one of the best friendships on the show. This season had everything, including a unique dynamic from having siblings Amy and Kelley onboard together. They also debuted the first female deckhand, Jennice, which added another layer of drama to the already iconic season.

Even the lesser-known one-season cast members were memorable on Below Deck season 2. Andrew infamously lied on his resume about his experience working on yachts and quickly found himself overwhelmed by the workload onboard. Andrew became public enemy number one among the crew, as he never pulled his weight on the charters and still earned the same tip as the rest of the crew. His storyline reached a satisfying conclusion when he was fired by Captain Lee halfway through the season and replaced by Logan Reese.

There was more explosive drama with the Below Deck stewards that season, as Kate and Kat ganged up on Amy throughout the charters. Kat managed to stir up drama on the boat with her drunken nights off, her showmance with Chef Ben, and her rivalry with Amy. No Below Deck season is complete without a cabin romance, and season 2 had Kelley and Jennice flirting throughout the season and starting a relationship by the season's finale. This cast brought the heat with steamy hookups, countless arguments when tensions were high, and loads of memorable quotes. Even the Below Deck season 2 guests were entertaining, as the worst charter guest ever, Timothy Sykes, made his first appearance on the show.