Why The Big Brother Houseguests Were Emotional Over Paloma's Exit

Nearly all the Big Brother 24 houseguests became emotional early on in the game due to the sudden departure of Paloma Aguliar. It was quite shocking to many viewers how upset the houseguests became upon learning the news. The group of 16 players had been living together for less than a week when Paloma self-evicted from the game.

Right before the first eviction of the summer, the houseguests gathered in the living room to learn that Paloma would no longer be a part of the Big Brother game. The adrenaline of being in the game, along with living in seclusion, led Paloma to lack sleep. She admitted she had only been getting two to three hours of sleep a night. Realizing that both her physical and mental health had been suffering, Paloma decided it would be best to self-evict. The first eviction was ultimately canceled due to her sudden departure.


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It was slightly shocking how emotional the houseguests became when learning Paloma had self-evicted as they had just met her a few days prior. According to a recent evictee, it was much more than Paloma's departure that cause the houseguests to become upset. Following Ameerah Jones' recent blindside eviction, the former houseguest opened up about the moment they learned Paloma had left Big Brother. Ameerah explained to Cinema Blend that although they had just met Paloma a few days prior, nearly all the houseguests became quite emotional after she had left. Ameerah admitted that even though she is not an emotional person, she cried a little. The houseguests had all felt the pain Paloma assumably had been feeling leaving the game.

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Although the houseguests did not know Paloma on a personal level at the time, they felt a connection with her since they had all been on the same journey. Ameerah admitted that the process to become a Big Brother houseguest took months. The moment they learned the news, Ameerah had put herself in Paloma's shoes. Ameerah also revealed that she, along with the other houseguests, watched as Paloma slowly broke down through the days leading up to her self-eviction. Ameerah said, "It was very sad and upsetting and I have family with mental illness and so I felt her there."

Although Paloma was considered a controversial Big Brother player, it was sad watching what she was going through while living inside the house. There is no doubt that Big Brother is a hard game to play, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Unfortunately for Paloma, the game just was not for her.

Source: Cinema Blend