Why The Family Chantel's Fans Can Forgive Chantel But Not Pedro

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno both contributed to their divorce, but The Family Chantel fans are only giving Chantel a pass when it comes to assigning blame. Viewers watched as Chantel and Pedro married on 90 Day Fiancé and each faced ongoing issues with each other’s families. However, Chantel has emerged with the full support of The Family Chantel viewers while Pedro is being put on blast for the collapse of their marriage.

Chantel and her family were initially the villains when it came to her relationship with Pedro. Her parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, were enormously suspicious of the Dominican Republican man’s intentions with their eldest daughter. However, they eventually came around to embracing Pedro and accepting him as a member of their family. On the other hand, Pedro’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, and sister, Nicole Jimeno, never accepted Chantel. Many viewers believe that Pedro also turned on his wife after realizing just how morally corrupt his family truly is. This caused him to be distant and cruel toward Chantel as he spent all of his time with his coworkers leading up to him filing for divorce from Chantel on May 27.


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Despite the fact that Chantel was known for her bad behavior in the past, including the rude way she treated her brother Royal Wylie’s foreign partner Angenette, many viewers have forgiven her. This is because many fans think Chantel has demonstrated real maturity since her 90 Day Fiancé days. Chantel corrected her earlier immature and dramatic behavior and appeared truly dedicated to supporting both Pedro and her sister, Winter Everett, during The Family Chantel season 3. Chantel has been truly fighting for her marriage in the current fourth season. It is clear that she deeply loves Pedro and is desperate to put in the work to fix their damaged relationship. Meanwhile, she shares a loving and sweet bond with her siblings that many viewers enjoy witnessing.

Pedro Chantel Jimeno 90 Day Fiancé

On the other hand, Pedro has made a shocking transformation in the wrong direction. He left viewers stunned with his dramatically cruel and cold personality change during the current season. Many The Family Chantel viewers are shocked by how checked out of his marriage Pedro has become, as it is obvious that he doesn’t want to work on any of his issues or save his relationship. Fans lost the faith they once had in Pedro due to his dismissive attitude. While he was once considered the exception in his villainous family, he now appears to be just like his mother and sister. To make matters worse, viewers also suspect that Pedro cheated on his wife given his suspicious behavior coupled with Chantel’s accusations.

Overall, Chantel has demonstrated real growth through her 90 Day Fiancé and The Family Chantel appearances. The Atlanta beauty matured and revealed her caring side, while her husband regressed and demonstrated a disappointing cruel streak. While Chantel is far from perfect, viewers sympathize with her heartbreak in what has become a very painfully realistic plotline. In contrast, Pedro isolated himself from viewers due to his cold behavior and the fact that he was caught faking his emotional The Family Chantel season 3 story. In the end, Chantel has nearly full support from The Family Chantel fans while Pedro is being put on blast.