Why The Family Chantel's Pedro Shouldn't Take All The Blame For Divorce

Many of The Family Chantel viewers are dragging Pedro Jimeno for his part in the divorce, but it seems Chantel Jimeno also has an equal part in their failed marriage. TLC viewers first saw the couple on 90 Day Fiancé season 4, where they showed a strong and sweet relationship. However, the two had some of the most dramatic arguments over the years that likely led to their split. A few seasons ago, Pedro had a fistfight with his wife's brother Riverknight Everett. Similarly, Chantel has an antagonistic feud with her husband's sister, Nicole Jimeno.

It should be no surprise that the couple is finally ending their marriage, as their relationship has always been unstable. Based on reports, Pedro is the one who initiated the split by filing for the divorce on May 27. Since then, the couple has filed restraining orders against each other. Another report suggests that Chantel has accused her husband of domestic abuse and infidelity, while Pedro has accused his wife of abusing their shared bank account. The couple split in late April; however, the news of their divorce became public in July 2022.


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The major reason for the duo's divorce is all the family drama seen in The Family Chantel, which ruined their relationship. In fact, one time, Chantel's mother stirred the pot so much that it caused an explosive fight during a family dinner. Another dramatic incident transpired when Pedro's sister tried to set him up with another woman to break up her brother's marriage. There was also the time when Chantel's family hired a private investigator to stalk Pedro.

Chantel and Pedro Jimeno from 90 Day Fiancé and The Family Chantel.

It's clear that the couple's families have always tried to cause problems between the two, which became a big reason why they aren't together anymore. For these reasons, Pedro shouldn't be the only one to blame for their broken marriage. Besides, the general animosity between the Jimeno and Everett families and their disrespectful behaviors toward each other has also caused friction between The Family Chantel stars. Apart from the dinner fight, there were various occasions when the two families made it clear they didn't want to coexist.

Most of The Family Chantel viewers would remember when the two families went to see Pedro's grandmother, and the Everett family declined to get out of the car. Their refusal was extremely disrespectful behavior, and Chantel didn't do anything to support her husband at the time. Since Pedro and Chantel's families were always mean to each other, Chantel and Pedro never had a chance to live a happy life together. The Family Chantel fans hope the former couple can finalize their divorce amicably and move on.