Why The Kardashians Fans Think Khloé Needs To Free Tristan Thompson

If The Kardashians star Khloé Kardashian is looking for support, even though she may not be 100% done with Tristan Thompson, she won't find any from fans who want her to set Tristan free. By now, everyone's heard that Khloé is expecting a second baby with Tristan, after the two welcomed their first child True Thompson in 2018. Khloé and her ex seemed set to reconcile during The Kardashians season 1, but those plans fell apart when the reality star found out about Tristan's paternity scandal. The scandal marked the fourth time that Tristan betrayed Khloé's trust, as he previously cheated on her three times.


While Khloé's claimed several times that she's over Tristan and ready to move on with someone else, reports recently revealed that she may have love for her ex, along with the fact that she may get back together with him. Despite lecturing her older sister Kourtney Kardashian about walking away after being cheated on in an old Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, Khloé has gone back to Tristan every time that he's been unfaithful in the past. Fans are starting to get tired of it, and no longer have sympathy for the reality TV star. They're sick of the youngest Kardashian sister being victimized, and think it's time that she takes responsibility for allowing Tristan back into her life. After all, he has proved that he's not loyal so many times.

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After the claims from the Page Six source, fans are begging Khloé to set Tristan free, rather than trying to make a relationship with him work. "Free Tristan Thompson," Kardashians fan SecureAd1981 begged on Reddit. The fan went on to reference the article, stating that if it's true, Khloé needs to give up on her baby daddy, because the basketball player is clearly not interested in being committed to her. The fan explained that Tristan seems to be doing everything that he can to get rid of Khloé, including cheating on her, "with 80% of the female population." The fan goes on to say that no matter what he does, "she still won't let the man leave."

While Kardashian fans do not excuse Tristan's behavior, they feel that it's obvious he isn't interested in being with Khloé, and want her to stop pushing a relationship on him when he's not interested. "Yes. Let's start this movement. #freeTristan," one fan wrote, while another expressed their frustration with Khloé, saying she's sending a negative message to her fans. Fans thought that Tristan and Khloé had reconciled, after the two spent Father's Day together with True. Then, they thought the pair was back on after the surrogate baby announcement. However, Khloé has denied that she and Tristan are a couple again, and insists that the two will just remain cordial for co-parenting reasons.

It's easy for anyone to make claims about a celebrity, but the Khloé claims don't seem to be too unrealistic. Unfortunately, if they are true, it will only give fans more reason to criticize the star. Fans have lacked sympathy for Tristan since the first time he cheated, but after his most recent scandal, they're starting to lack sympathy for Khloé as well. There are only so many times he can cheat before she needs to take responsibility too. From the looks of it, Tristan does not want the relationship that Khloé is so determined to get. Maybe fans are right, and The Kardashians star should focus her energy on finding someone who is right for her. She may need to let Tristan Thompson be free.