Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Question Kim & Barry's Airbnb 'Empire'

Welcome to Plathville's matriarch Kim Plath often talks about her many rental homes on the show, and some have been featured in various episodes. Still, fans are questioning how large or profitable their vacation home "empire" could be in Cairo, Georgia. The rental properties appear to be a substantial part of Barry Plath and Kim's income, but viewers aren't sure about the appeal of vacationing in the small town. Fans wonder if they could be concealing or manipulating information about this source of income.

Kim and Barry's rental homes were first mentioned in season 1, when they met up with oldest son Ethan Plath and daughter-in-law Olivia at what they referred to as "our rental property" to give them a peace offering gift of a large model ship. Beginning in Welcome to Plathville season 2, the family moved from their rural farm to a new home after first intending to buy it as an "investment property," but fell in love with it and decided to turn the farm into another short-term rental instead. Shortly after making this change, an Australian family came to stay on the farm and spent time with the Plaths before leaving the area.


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Welcome to Plathville fans on Reddit have come together to dig into the elder Plath's supposed business. Kim and Barry currently have four properties available for rent on Airbnb, including the Plath family farm. According to Kim's Airbnb page, it's currently cost $165 a night to stay at the farm where the Plaths raised their nine children. In addition to the farm, there is a cabin that appears to be on the same property, a four-bedroom home in Cairo, and an apartment above Kim's dance studio. Even though four properties are not a small number of rental homes, fans feel the Plaths have exaggerated their presence as vacation homeowners. As all their rental properties are located in Cairo, which has a population of less than 10,000, viewers aren't sure who is renting out these Airbnbs. The small town doesn't read as much of a vacation destination, leaving fans confused as to how they can live off the income.

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Barry and Kim could realistically make minimal profits from their vacation rental business, as they make money from their other business ventures. Barry is a transportation planner, and Kim is a naturopathic doctor as well as an owner of the previously mentioned dance studio. In addition to their rental income and careers, the Plaths make quite a bit of money from being on Welcome to Plathville. The rental homes are not necessary to sustain their livelihoods.

Fans aren't sure why Kim and Barry are attempting to position themselves as income property moguls, but clearly, they enjoy owning and renting out their former home and other properties. Fans also wonder what will happen to these properties after Kim and Barry divorce, as they are still listed as co-hosts on Airbnb. Viewers will have to continue to watch Welcome to Plathville season 4 to see what happens to the Plath family's various homes and properties.