Wild Report Says Vince McMahon Wanted To Bury This Current WWE Champion

During his time booking WWE, Vince McMahon had a reputation for randomly giving up on pushes and burying talent, and it sounds like one current champion narrowly avoided this treatment. However, Triple H holds the book for the company now, and his differing eye for talent is already crystal clear to viewers. He's brought back numerous former NXT standouts and is handling those still on the roster with greater care than McMahon ever did.

Gunther is two months into his reign as Intercontinental Champion and has been a staple on Friday Night SmackDown over the last eight weeks. His match on the August 12 episode of the show was a legit banger and arguably the best showing Shinsuke Nakamura has had on television in years. Gunther looked strong, too, piecing together an excellent bout with the King Of Strong Style. However, fans were close to never getting this match, as McMahon was primed and ready to bury the current IC Champion on television.


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On Twitter, @WrestleVotes noted that, following the July 4 episode of Monday Night Raw, "those in power at the time really soured on Gunther for whatever ridiculous reason. To the point where a burial on TV was coming." That never came to pass with Triple H in charge, but it's wild to read that Vince had soured on Gunther so quickly for no discernable reason.

Gunther Could Be Future World Champion Material

On July 4, Gunther had beaten R-Truth in a match that wasn't show-stealing but not bad to the point where it ought to lead to a televised burial. Yet, based on this report from @WrestleVotes, that's precisely what was supposedly going to happen. Fans responded to the tweet with confusion since it was widely believed McMahon was a fan of Gunther. Take it with a grain of salt, as audiences should with all wrestling reporting, but the fact that this is even a believable note speaks volumes about Vince as a booker.

Triple H has steadied that ship on both Raw and SmackDown. Viewership and interest are up, and the episodes he's been in charge of have been engaging and fun. SummerSlam was even a blast, despite the card primarily not being one that The Game had pieced together. Under McMahon, Gunther could have been just another missed opportunity. With Triple H calling the shots, the Ring General might be a future WWE World Champion.