Wolverine Finally Sees What Fans Already Know: He's An Evil Character

Wolverine's forgotten daughter predicted his 'hot claws'.

Warning: contains spoilers for New Fantastic Four #3!

Marvel’s Wolverine of the X-Men has finally arrived at the same realization fans have known for years: he is a truly evil mutant and deserves nothing but punishment for his many crimes against humanity. Logan is one of the most violent mutants in Professor X’s employ, and must frequently be talked down from causing a human-mutant incident. While modern-day Logan appears less violent than his 80s and 90s incarnations, New Fantastic Four #3 shows the reader that even Wolverine himself considers his acts utterly irredeemable.


With the mainline Fantastic Four indisposed, a new team of four heroes is formed: Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine. While fighting their own supervillains in New York City, the four are all independently compelled to journey to Las Vegas – and Ghost Rider believes the collective realization can only be the work of dark magic. His musings prove to be prophetic: Las Vegas is toxic with demonic power, and one seeks to control the many humans in the city.

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In New Fantastic Four #3, written by Peter David with art by Alan Robinson, the four heroes face off against a possessed Human Torch on the Las Vegas strip. The Demon Asmodeus commands the Torch to attack the four with demonic fire, and Spider-Man leaps out of the way – but unfortunately, Wolverine is caught in the blast. While his healing factor allows him to survive nearly every attack, the Touch blasted him with the demonic equivalent of Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare – meaning Wolverine confronts all the people he’s killed over the course of his life. “My God…I’ve caused so much suffering…I’m so…evil…so evil…” he can only mutter as he lies on the street, a horrified expression on his face.

Wolverine may fight on the side of the X-Men, but he is far from a classic hero. Logan has a canonical body count numbering in the thousands, and perhaps even more have been killed by Wolverine - who is completely unaware. While other X-Men exercise restraint, Wolverine almost always defaults to violence in almost every scenario. In the Ultimate X-Men series, he even kills a mutant child – and while the mutant in question did kill hundreds of people with his uncontrollable mutant power (and the assassination was heavily implied to be on the orders of Nick Fury), the act most likely still weighs heavily on Wolverine’s mind even today.

Wolverine eventually recovers from the demonic Torch’s attack, and seemingly has a difficult time recalling exactly what transpired. This is a side-effect of his mutant healing factor: Wolverine heals from mental trauma in addition to physical injuries. Unfortunately, this often results in memory lapses – and Logan can only remember bits and pieces of his past. Not only does Wolverine believe himself an evil mutant, he cannot even remember why – and that is the most important element to his tragic character.