Wonder Woman's Ares Power Problem Has 1 Easy Fix

One small change would fix Ares’ power problem in Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman (2017) is the fourth film in the DCEU and follows Diana of Themyscira as she meets army pilot Steve Trevor, who joins her to end World War 1 and stop Ares. While the film was widely well-received, one part of the film that fans agree is Wonder Woman’s weak spot was the third act.

In the third act, Diana kills General Ludendorff who she thinks is Ares in disguise. She assumes that the humans will cease their fighting, as she believes they are under Ares’ control. However, the fighting does not stop and Steve tells her that humans are both good and bad, but it’s about what you choose to do and what you believe. Ares reveals himself to Diana and confesses that while he inspired thoughts on horrible things humans could do during the war, he never forced them to, it was always their choice. Wonder Woman and Ares battle, leaving Wonder Woman victorious after Steve’s sacrifice to save the day inspires her to continue fighting for the world of men. After the battle, the enemy soldiers, having witnessed everything, emerge from under the rubble looking relieved the fight is over - even though they lost.


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However, this reaction from the soldiers completely contradicts Ares’ powers and the film's theme. The film’s theme centered around how humans are capable of both good and bad, but that one must choose one or the other. If Ares wasn't forcing humans to commit heinous acts, like he claimed, why after losing the fight would the enemy soldiers be behaving as if they have been awoken from a spell - as if they were in fact under Ares’ control all along? While it was Warner Bros. who pushed for Wonder Woman's ending battle, the aftermath is what did more damage to the film’s central theme. There is one easy way to fix this mistake.

How Wonder Woman Should Have Portrayed Ares' Powers

Wonder woman vs Ares

For Wonder Woman’s main theme and Ares’ powers to stay consistent after the final battle, the soldiers needed to be shown contemplating whether to fight Wonder Woman or surrender. They could emerge from the rubble either ready to fight or show deep remorse after hearing Diana’s words of love and how she will continue to fight everyone. This internal battle and eventual decision to do the right thing would be more in line with what was previously set up. It would confirm that Ares was not controlling them but merely appealing to their darker ambitions, and it would show that Steve was right to still fight for everyone.

Making Wonder Woman’s origin movie at the end of a World War and confronting the God of War was a perfect mix. Even with its mistakes, Wonder Woman still holds up to this day and continues to be one of the best entries in the DCEU. This one small change would fix the inconsistencies about Ares’ powers, cementing the theme that people can choose to do good, regardless of any temptation to do otherwise.