X-Men's Immortal Utopia Is Being Crushed By Capitalism

Warning: preview images for Immortal X-Men #4 are ahead! 

As the 2nd Annual Hellfire Gala begins throughout the X-Men titles the festival's organizer Emma Frost is dealing with a million fires, including the recent reveal to the world about mutant immortality, a reveal that is threatening to allow human capitalism to destroy the mutants utopia of Krakoa. The nation of Krakoa was built on deals and threats with the human governments of the world, but the mutants were always in control, and now humanity is threatening to cause Krakoa to lose its powerful hold on Earth.

With the horrifying threat of A.X.E.: Judgment Day looming over the X-Men, it is clear that this year's Hellfire Gala is going to be even more explosive than last year's, but possibly not in the way Emma Frost had intended. Scott Summers, Emma Frost's ex-lover and now ambiguously flirty coworker, recently gave the world-shattering news of mutant immortality to the journalist Ben Ulrich, allowing Krakoa's tightest kept secret to be revealed to the world.


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A preview for Immortal X-Men #4 - brilliantly written by Kieron Gillen with art by Michele Bandini - shows Emma Frost attempting to solve a ton of crises, with the solicit for the issue stating she "...will do anything to protect the children, including the metaphorical child that is the Hellfire Gala." As Emma takes a step out of the lively Hellfire Gala she is approached by Ma Mingyu the head of the Chinese State Science Department who once posed as an ambassador to gain access to Krakoa's Jerusalem Habitat when the nation was first founded. Mingyu calls Emma, and Krakoa, out for "only" offering humanity a drug that would extend their life by five or so years, while the mutants are able to remain effectively immortal, and Emma makes it very clear that immortality, "...is not a gift that we can share." Mingyu, ever the politician, effectively blackmails Frost by saying he and the governments of the world will help humanity accept mutant immortality if the mutants are willing to use the Resurrection Protocols on human leaders, key donors, and industry figures.

When pushed by Mingyu about whether the mutants Resurrection Protocols can't resurrect humans or if the mutants won't resurrect humans Emma explodes on him and reminds him of the 16 million slaughtered mutants from Genosha that they are still attempting to resurrect, before she resignedly tells him, "I'll talk to the council." Krakoa was able to so quickly become a recognized sovereign world (and galactic) nation because they were able to effectively use the human idea of capitalism to offer the nations of the world goods like medicine in exchange for recognition, while also stabilizing the intergalactic economy by finding and reproducing the metal Mysterium. The island of Krakoa does not engage in capitalism itself, with seemingly no money or goods being exchanged on the island, but just as with Krakoa's three laws, much of their presentation to the world is untrue, and their new society is just as flawed and broken as the rest of the world. Now though, the traditional idea of capitalism that the Krakoans have always used externally to hold power of their former human oppressors, may be turned inwards, and be just another reason that the "utopia" that is Krakoa begins to crumble under its the weight of its own façade.

Cyclop's outing the mutant secret of immortality is already leading to the Avengers sneaking onto Krakoa, and with the Eternals about to wage a full on assault on the X-Men it appears like Emma Frost may be in over her head, and to save the Hellfire Gala she may need to find a way to appease the greedy human leaders of the world before their capitalistic urges causes Krakoa to fall forever.