Young Sheldon Confirms What Happened To Missy After Big Bang Theory

Young Sheldon reveals what happened to Missy after The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon's sister was the first member of his family to appear in the original sitcom, coming to the show as early as season 1, episode 15, "The Porkchop Indertiminacy." Since then, she appeared sporadically throughout The Big Bang Theory's 12 seasons on the air, and her story continues through the spin-off prequel, Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon covers Sheldon's first year of college in season 4, which means that he spends much of his days away from his family, particularly his siblings. That being said, the show still finds ways to have the characters interact, since their family dynamic is a core part of the spin-off series and is important to truly understand Sheldon's quirks and oddities. The Cooper twins spent a considerable amount of time together during summer, but now that they're going to different schools, Young Sheldon relies on their shared time at home for interactions.


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In the Young Sheldon episode, "A Pager, A Club, And A Cranky Bag Of Crinkles," Sheldon and Missy shared a couple of scenes together since they sleep in the same bedroom. As Sheldon pondered about his dilemma of having to find and join a new school club as a way to stop hanging out too much with Dr. Linkletter, he asked his sister how her social life was going at school. Unlike him, Sheldon's sister is naturally sociable. While she's not book smart, she's empathic and agreeable, which makes it easy for her to find friends. This is why she didn't have the same issues that her brother was having — something that irked Sheldon. In the narration, adult Sheldon inadvertently revealed that Missy has loving family and friends due to this particular trait of hers, before adding that he does have those too, plus a Nobel Prize in Physics, so his life turned out to be better in the grand scheme of things.

Missy Is Happy After The Big Bang Theory

That reveal may not have major implications for what the foreseeable future would be like for Sheldon's sister in Young Sheldon, but it does shine some light on her life after The Big Bang Theory concluded. The voice-over narration suggests that Missy was married after the events of the original series. The last time she appeared on TBBT, just before Sheldon's wedding to Amy in season 11, she was separated from her husband. While she was thrilled about this, she was less enthused about being pregnant. At that point, she already had a son. Previously, Young Sheldon revealed that she ultimately had four children, meaning that she got pregnant twice more. Neither series has yet to confirm whether or not Missy patched things up with her estranged husband, at least during the time of The Big Bang Theory's "The Bow Tie Asymmetry," but it's nice to know that she eventually found happiness in her personal life.

Why Young Sheldon Needed To Set Up Missy's Life After Big Bang Theory

Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon Season 5

Missy is often the butt of the joke on Young Sheldon, which makes her appearance on The Big Bang Theory quite affecting. When Missy was revealed on TBBT, she was going through a rough time. She was pregnant — and none too thrilled about it — and also separated from her husband. Missy ended up being somewhat cheated on both versions of the series, becoming a running joke in Young Sheldon and being treated as somewhat of an object/plot device on The Big Bang Theory. The prequel series' reveal of Missy's happy ending after the flagship show's timeline pays off her character, provides closure. and puts an optimistic slant on the character. After all, Missy really didn't do anything wrong – at least certainly nothing warranting the abuse she endures on both shows.

If Missy did stay separated from her husband, the identity of her unnamed eventual partner makes for an intriguing question. All of Sheldon's male friends in The Big Bang Theory attempted to go out with her when she initially visited Pasadena, but she was particularly smitten by TBBT's Raj. Considering that the astrophysicist was the only one left single at the end of the show, it would make for such a great twist if Young Sheldon revealed that they ended up together.