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Alternative :Log in to Lust-a-land manhwa


Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to Namjoo, that is, until the day he picks up a mislaid USB on the street. Curiosity gets the better of him and when he takes a look inside, he finds a steamy VR game that’s still in the works. To Namjoo, the game looks ready for release, but little does he know about the bug that’s affecting all of the NPCs and making all of them super horny. Meanwhile, Hye-na’s panicking about her lost USB and is determined to get it back before more people find out about the game's fatal flaw. Join Namjoo and Hye-na on their journey to Lust-a-land, a world that isn’t for the faint of heart...or the low of libido.

The last Chapter 71 - Log in to Lust-a-land now available in 71. With 71 Chapters have been translated and translations of other Chapters are in progress. Let's enjoy
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