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Chapter 2479: [Judging Fergus!]

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Angelina had already found out about the news of Fergus turning himself in.

She looked at Hades on the stage with a smile. The golden light beam that shone onto him was so glaring.

“This year’s Top Chef Competition has concluded. The way Contestant Hades appeared out of nowhere and won the championship is astonishing. It will definitely leave a deep mark on the Top Chef Competition’s history.

“Contestant Angelina’s performance is equally memorable. The result of 99.8 will always be in the Top Chef Competition’s history.

“We thank all the contestants for their marvelous contribution…”


The show ended with the emcee’s polite words and the live-stream ended.

Johnny got up and bowed to the judges and staff members to show his appreciation.

This year’s Top Chef Competition had started low but ended on a high note. It began to soar from the quarterfinal. Be it the level of attention or the topics, they had far exceeded the previous seasons. It had reached a height that he himself could never replicate again.

A plutocrat’s direct heir was sacrificed, along with a dozen A-listers’ exposing their own scandals. He had never dared to imagine about… such matters before.

“Congratulations.” Angelina walked over to Mag. Even though her eyes were red, her smile was clean and bright.

“Thank you.” Mag nodded with a smile. He felt rather sorry for her. Fergus paying for his crimes was a consolation for her, but Nancy didn’t take her in. So, how was she going to handle the Dixon Family’s revenge later?

“It’s I who should thank you for everything you have done. However, I am very sorry to put you in danger,” Angelina said apologetically.

“I simply followed my heart and did what I should do. You don’t have to thank me for that.” Mag shook his head slightly and gave her a meaningful look before saying his goodbye and leaving.

He didn’t want others to think that they had collaborated premeditatedly. This didn’t match the truth.

“Mr. Hades,” Angelina called out to Mag. She quickly walked over to stuff something into his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to know you. Perhaps, we will never meet again, but I will always remember you,” Angelina said with a serious expression before quickly walking away with a blush.

Mag watched her back disappear at the door. He walked out of the recording studio with gently clenched fists before opening his fists to look at the blue droplet-shaped pendant that was lying gently on his hand.

It was a very normal crystal pendant, but it was clear and clean, just like her.

“Now, who is going to protect her?” Mag asked Xi, who was behind him.

“I’ll protect her for a while,” Xi said coldly.

Mag nodded slightly before putting away the pendent and said, “That fellow who turned himself in, is a fake, right?”

A hint of surprise appeared in Xi’s eyes.

“You don’t have to be surprised. Scapegoats aren’t only a specialty from your Underground City.” There was a hint of sarcasm in Mag’s smile. “However, your Underground City’s bureaucrats are indeed rotten to the core. They still dared to accept the fake as the real one at this time.”

“The important heirs of the plutocrat families will have a shadow raised alongside them since they were young. Be it their looks, habits or temperaments, they are all extremely similar to the originals. Other than the people very close to them, others will have a hard time trying to differentiate them,” Xi explained.

“I want his current location.”

“What do you want to do?”

“You know very well what I want to do.”

They stared into each other’s eyes in silence for a long time.

Finally, Xi shifted her gaze away first. Mag’s bangle lit up and a location popped up.

It was the Mala Archipelago that was 30,000 kilometers away.

“Lend me your battleship.”


A flying car with the military’s paintwork stopped in front of the Mocha Building. Two young officers came out of the car and were led into the Mocha Building by the Mocha Group’s senior executives.

Soon after, the two officers came out of the building with Angelina.

Then, the Underground City’s Military Secretariat posted a WeTwit:

“The military’s first special chef, Angelina, formally joins the military today! @The Dixon Corporation.”

“This…” Mag had just come out from Nancy’s office and he was stunned when he saw the WeTwit.

The military’s reaction was indeed way beyond his expectation.

Not only did they recruit Angelina into the military, they even tagged the Dixon Family.

What was the meaning of this? This was a blatant warning!

If anything happened to Angelina, that would be your Dixon Family’s fault.

If someone wanted to protect a person in Underground City, then the military could be considered as one of the strongest protectors.

Nancy had already confirmed with Mag about the matters of him taking up a job at the McCarthy Manor. She would bring him to the McCarthy Manor for his formal appointment tomorrow. He had half a day of free time today.

His mission to enter the McCarthy Manor was already more than half done.

After returning to the dormitory, Mag locked all the windows and doors. He evaded all the detection equipment in the building and left the Mocha Building.

“I didn’t expect the protection you said to be like this.” Sitting in the battleship, Mag looked at Xi with admiration.

“You should know very well that it wasn’t something that I could decide alone,” Xi replied without any expression and piloted the battleship out of Tucker City.

Mag smiled quietly. He naturally knew that in order to do so to such an extent, that person must have nodded.

He naturally wouldn’t miss a chance to teach the plutocrats a lesson.

“That private island is an important base of the Dixon Family. It has a defense system on at all times and according to our intel, in order to protect Fergus, there should be one Almost-Extraordinaire powerhouse on the island. Are you sure you want to go to the island?” Xi got the island’s defense map out.

“If this chap remains unpunished by the law, I will definitely feel very uncomfortable,” Mag said with a smile.

Xi nodded slightly and got an information sheet out.

“Buckle, Almost-Extraordinaire. Excels in the saber, very strong…” Xi started to read the information to Mag.

“I will support you for this action. From the time you land on the island, you have to leave the island within five minutes. It’s to prevent the other party’s powerhouses from arriving in time.” Xi turned off the bangle and said to Mag with a serious expression, “You should know better than me about the difference between an Almost-Extraordinaire and an Extraordinaire.”

“Five minutes is enough.” Mag nodded.

“I know that you are usually very fast.” Xi nodded too.


Mag frowned. He felt something was rather wrong with these words.

30 minutes later, the sea appeared in their vision. Hundreds of islands were scattered all over the sea. They had reached the Mala Archipelago.

The battleship hovered in stealth, and Xi said to Mag, who was about to jump out of the battleship, “I will help you to kill Buckle first. I won’t interfere with the rest.”

“No problem.”

Mag, who had changed into dark clothes, leaped down from the battleship. A black longsword appeared underneath his feet and he rode on it towards that island over 20km away.

At the same time, he turned on the camera, and started the live-stream on WeTwit.

To prevent alerting the enemy, he delayed the live-stream timing to five minutes later.

[Judging Fergus!]

Did Fergus turn himself in? Just his shadow wouldn’t do!

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