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Chapter 0648: The Winds Move

“Where is Elder Han Long? I will not repeat myself again.”

Yu Hongxi’s chilly voice reverberated around the Discussion Hall. Any whispering had immediately ceased, and the senior officials of the Golden Dragon Bank glanced at each other while seated upright.

“Keke. Could he have forgotten? Elder Han Long went out to deliver some goods to the West Flame branch half a month ago. Looking at the time, he should probably still be rushing back.” Someone laughed as the rest were deep in thought.

Yu Hongxi turned to face the source of the laughter, Vice President Ning Que.

She glared at him with a sharp expression before slowly enunciating, “Could it be that he couldn’t make it back in time… Or does he have other matters to deal with?”

Vice President Ning Que looked a little stunned. “What other matters could he deal with?”

Yu Hongxi didn’t bother to beat around the bush. “Today is House Luolan’s Housemeet. I don’t wish for anyone in the Golden Dragon Bank to stick their fingers where they don’t belong. We are a neutral faction, and if I am to be blunt, if I find out that anyone is trying to fish in troubled waters… then they can get the hell out of the Golden Dragon Bank.”

Listening to her icy words caused the hearts of many of the senior executives to turn cold with apprehension, completely speechless.

Yu Hongxi had tightly controlled the Golden Dragon Bank in the Xia Kingdom for many years, her prestige and influence well rooted into the hearts of their members.

Ning Que, on the other hand, remained unflustered, only grinning in response. “Now that the President has made such a declaration, how would anyone here dare to do so? However, President, you must also remember that the Golden Dragon Bank is a neutral party. From your words, I feel like you might be a little biased towards House Luolan.”

Hearing the vice president’s piercing words caused shock to arise in the hearts of the other executives, but they calmed down. Although Yu Hongxi held significant prestige here, Ning Que was of a similar stature. He was the only one who had the capabilities of contesting her in the past, and he also had similar backing in the headquarters of the Golden Dragon Bank.

Yu Hongxi was unperturbed by this. “If the Vice President feels that my methods are not in line with the bank’s code of conduct, you can lodge your complaint with headquarters and get me impeached.”

This was met with a laugh. “President, you are too serious. I was merely asking a simple question. Don’t mind me.”

She declined to bicker further with him.

Lu Qing’er had a trace of worry in her eyes. Elder Han Long’s disappearance was too coincidental.

In fact, she had never expected that it would be him. That elder had a low profile within the bank and was considered to be a centrist, never really involving himself in the power struggle between her mother and Ning Que.

Being out for a delivery during such a critical period of time was indeed suspicious.

It seemed as though his neutral stance and low profile was all an intentional act. He had probably aligned himself with Ning Que in secret.

“What a cunning, old fox,” Lu Qing’er snorted coldly.

“Mother,” she lightly called out.

Yu Hongxi did not reply, merely patting her hand and proceeding with the meeting.

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In a forest far away from the Xia Kingdom.

A large number of individuals were sitting around campfires, a Golden Dragon Bank banner identifying the group planted in the ground nearby.

Within the group was an emerald-robed old man. He had a genial expression as he joyfully chatted with the people around him, whilst the people treated him with utmost respect.

The festivities went on for a significant amount of time before they started to disperse and rest for the night.

The elder then raised his head and observed the dark sky above. Sensing that it was time, he slowly placed down the piece of roasted meat in his hand, quietly returning to his own tent.

The surroundings gradually turned silent as all went to sleep.

At this moment, a blurry figure soundlessly dashed out of the camp and the forest, rushing towards the direction of the Xia Kingdom with breakneck speed.

Yet right as he moved, he heard the peal of laughter ring out not far from him. “Hehe. Isn’t that Elder Han Long? Are you planning to leave on your own? What about the escort?” The blurry figure ground to a halt, and the emerald-robed elder glanced in the direction of the voice. A figure was standing there, chuckling as he stared at him.

“Branch President Lu Cao? Why are you here?” Han Long’s face was full of surprise as he looked at that figure. This was the branch president he had met previously to drop off the delivery. Why was he here right now?

“Ah. Well… I received President Yu’s order that if I were to encounter Elder Han Long’s group, I should follow you back to Xia City to make a report. She even extolled me to ensure that we went together,” Branch President Lu Cao explained attentively.

Elder Han Long’s complexion turned gloomy. This particular branch president was someone with significant stature within the Golden Dragon Bank and wasn’t any weaker than him in terms of strength.

His timely appearance had to be related to Yu Hongxi’s prescient arrangements.

She obviously knew of his assignment… and he had even thought that his acting had misled her. Clearly not.

That woman was unfathomable.

“Hehe. Elder Han Long, are you in a rush to return to Xia City? If so, let me accompany you,” Branch President Lu Cao offered sincerely.

Han Long’s heart and mind were in turmoil before he finally revealed a forced smile. “No, no… I was feeling a little bottled up whilst within my tent. Thus, I wanted to enjoy the gorgeous night scenery…”

“Oh… so that’s the case.” Lu Cao grinned as he walked over. “Well, the night is long and weary. Why don’t we have a chat? It might relieve some of your boredom.”

Han Long gritted his teeth and helplessly agreed.

Yu Hongxi had schemes that ran deep. He had left more than half a month in advance, but his ploy was still discovered. She had even employed means to ensure his absolute compliance with her commands…


Astral Sage College.

In the lush shade of a leafy grove, a black shadow passed through swiftly like a civet in its territory. Moonlight pierced through the dense forest and coincidentally shined upon it, revealing an individual tightly cloaked in black from head to toe, and a curvaceous body that would incite the lust of any man.

Her shadow lightly vaulted through the trees to her destination. This individual possessed a beautiful and aloof face and was none other than Ye Chengying of the Seven Astral Pillars.

When she approached the gates of the college, she paused, not advancing any further. Instead, she coldly glanced towards the shadows. “You’d dare to lurk in front of me with your pitiful strength?” At the same time, the shadows coalesced into the figure of a human.

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It was Xin Fu.

He looked at Ye Chengying, his pale face leaking out a bitter smile. “Elder Sister Ye, there is no need for you to participate in tonight’s proceedings.”

“Do you not know that this is the command of the house?” she coldly retorted.

“So what? You don’t have to go,” Xin Fu continued.

“Psh. Do you think you can hold me back?” Ye Chengying raised the dagger in her hand, and a black light started to coat it. She vanished as quickly as she finished speaking and reappeared by Xin Fu in the blink of an eye, weapon pressed to his throat.

The blade glinted with a chilly light. With a mere push, it would penetrate his neck.

However, Xin Fu remained unmoved, only quietly observing her.

“Hmph. Do you really believe I won’t dare to kill you? You have obstructed the House Lord’s command. Even if you die, he will not blame me,” Ye Chengying declared icily.

“…Li Luo is my friend,” Xin Fu finally sputtered out after deep thought.

“The notorious House Lanling actually has an upright young lord?” Ye Chengying sarcastically mocked.

“Well, I’m from the Fairness & Justice Squad after all,” he joked before staring at her squarely in her eyes. “You know that I dislike House Lanling. I don’t like their emotionless and cruel rules. During that brutal elimination competition that year, I risked being put to death by my impassive father to bring you, who had been destined for death after being eliminated, back from the brink.”

A trace of emotion flashed past her merciless gaze riddled with killing intent. She gripped the black dagger even more tightly after hearing those words.

This tense atmosphere lasted for a while before Ye Chengying finally removed her dagger from Xin Fu’s throat.

“Bring out all your friends, then. I want to see if a group of One Star Hall students can restrain me. How could you have become so naive to believe these weaklings could handle the situation?” She glanced at the little grove behind Xin Fu.

With that, a series of figures milled out.

Yu Lang, Bai Mengmeng, Qin Zhulu, Bai Mengmeng, Zhao Kuo, and the rest appeared.

Yu Lang grinned. “Xin Fu, couldn’t you have told us earlier that Sister Ye is your old acquaintance? Your words gave my little a heart a complete fright!”

Ye Chengying’s eyes coldly swept over the group before her expression shifted in shock at the last figure that had appeared from the forest.

“Qiao Yu?” A plainly dressed, long-legged girl with a head of ear-length, silver hair had strode out. She was the one who had caused Ye Chengying to feel a little taken aback. After all, Qiao Yu was also a member of the Seven Astral Pillars. It was inconceivable that she had appeared right here at this time.

“It looks like your preparations have been more than sufficient after all… considering you invited her along.” Ye Chengying glared at Xin Fu. If negotiations broke down, he would have violence to back him up.

Qiao Yu’s expression was indifferent as she completely ignored Ye Chengying. Instead, she turned to face Bai Mengmeng. “Hey, my job’s done. Pay up!”

Just as Xin Fu and the rest were obstructing Ye Chengying, there was another development right outside the college. Mentor Chi Chan had changed from her usual robes and was currently making her way down the stone steps of the school.

The frosty, night wind blew past, causing her veil to ripple and reveal her white and delicate chin.

She did not enter Xia City, instead making her way in the southwestern direction.

House Lanling’s headquarters was hidden deep within the mountain range there.

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