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Huang Quan took out his communication bead and made a call.

As expected, there was no response from the other end.

Huang Quan’s face darkened as he lifted his hand slightly. Without further hesitation, he used his ability.

“Spatio-temporal Retrospect!”

The vicinity was checkered with sunlight and shade. Suddenly, the dilapidated state of the Lone Cliff returned to its original look before the great battle. The scene then started to replay.

Water Ghost handed the communication bead to Meng Po. It was then followed by her awkward voice.

She was trying to contact Huang Quan.

But, after she spoke for two sentences, the sky darkened all of a sudden.

Clouds and mist converged. The Demi-saint had arrived!

In the scene, Water Ghost cut off the communication quickly and looked up in horror.

He saw the demi-saint stared at him from above and sneered.

“Have you forgotten what I have asked you to do?”

He then continued, “I asked you to track down the members of Yama. But, I did not ask you to collude with them secretly!”

“Do you really think that I did not keep an eye on this place?” said the demi-saint.

Obviously, the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan must have found something from Water Ghost and Meng Po’s conversation that led him to burst into flames. He even wanted to fight them.

Higher Void had no chance of winning against a demi-saint at all.


Water Ghost shouted without further hesitation and threw Meng Po into the sea of clouds between the cliffs. As for himself, he ran further and escaped into the deep sea.

However, the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan still attacked him. He punched Water Ghost with his Holy Power.

Water Ghost spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward. However, he made use of the force and fell into the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

“Trying to escape?”

The demi-saint of the Jiang Clan rushed toward the edge of the Lone Cliff. But, he halted at the verge of the cliff. It was obvious that he was afraid of the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

However, in the blink of an eye, he leaped into the sea of clouds fearlessly.

As a demi-saint, what was there to be afraid of?

“Spatio-temporal Retrospect” ended.

Huang Quan had a clearer and more realistic view of the scene as compared to Jiang Buyi’s view.

Anything that happened in the scene could not escape his eyes. After seeing everything, Huang Quan did not doubt it!

The Way of the Heavens would not lie.

Furthermore, the Spatio-temporal Retrospect would not retrospect something unreal.

In addition, Huang Quan had also verified every detail of the scene personally, which included the grass, trees, flowers, and even stones.

All the images were not an illusion. They were so realistic that they looked… No! they were real indeed.

“The demi-saint of the Jiang Clan has also gone down the cliff?”

“Is it a demi-saint clone or he went down in person?” Huang Quan was confused.

“Was it part of Water Ghost’s plot? Or it was an emergency?” Huang Quan was in doubt.

As a figure who walked in the dark over the years, Huang Quan was more cautious about everything and he would think more about it.

However, no matter what the process was, he could only come out with one conclusion.

Since the demi-saint had entered the deep water in the Spell Forbidden Barrier, it was definitely the best time to defeat him and get rid of him.

As for the Water Ghost…

This guy came into the picture between Huang Quan and the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan. He bet that he must be up to something that would benefit him. Otherwise, he would not come out with the sacrilege plot.

However, if he could get the demi-saint status of the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan, he got nothing to lose by giving the Water Ghost some benefits.

As expected.

In just a blink of an eye, Huang Quan’s figure disappeared from the ruins of Lone Cliff.

At the same time, a flash of light was seen in the sea of clouds between the cliffs. It was a sign that someone entered the water and triggered the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

“Time Delay!”

“Time Sequence Reverse! Hmm! Just a little in reversal? It doesn’t seem to be as powerful as Gou Wuyue though. I bet that it must be my realm is not high enough yet.”

“Time Freeze! Alas! What a difficult move! I could only execute spatial confinement pretentiously.”

Under the deep sea, Xu Xiaoshou transformed into Huang Quan, with Greedy the Cat Spirit who had opened the Three Loathsome Eyes, on top of his head. They were testing out the space-time attributes happily.

There was still half a day time before it reached the agreed time. By then, the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan would only enter the water.

At the same time, all the big shots of the Holy Divine Palace were surrounding the Void Gate. After quite some time, they still did not dare to push the gate open. Probably, there were a few enemies under the deep sea.

At least, during these periods, Xu Xiaoshou was invincible.

How lonely was it to be invincible?

The main reason for his boredom underwater was to leave traces of “Huang Quan” everywhere. He intended to disrupt the senses of the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan after he went into the water.

“I wonder if the demi-saint’s ability will be suppressed completely by the Spell Forbidden Barrier.”

He continued, “If he became a weakling after entering the water, I might be able to defeat and kill him…”

Xu Xiaoshou gave it a thought. Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat. He recalled what Water Ghost had told him previously. Water Ghost instructed him not to counterattack the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan when he saw him. On the contrary, he had to run away from him instead.

Immediately, he dismissed the abrupt idea of having a fight between the master and demi-saint.

After all, one of life’s greatest illusions was “I could fight back”. Who knew how many geniuses had died of such an illusion?

“I wonder where Uncle has gone.”

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshou, who was all alone under the water, missed the voice of Xiao Kongtong calling Water Ghost “Senior Water Ghost”.

He felt so empty and lost as if there was no sense of security at all without the big bodyguard by his side. After all, in the original plan, Uncle could only protect him till the end of deep water.

“Meow! Meow!”

On top of his head, Greedy the Cat Spirit was purring excitedly. He set his eyes on the thunder calamity not far away from him. He showed a strong desire of consuming it.

“What? Do you still want to eat the Thunder Calamity?”

Xu Xiaoshou could see through Greedy the Cat Spirit’s intention. He was stunned.

He could grow by consuming the thunder calamity. But, he did not expect that Greedy the Cat Spirit would want a taste of it as well.

However, the current situation was a little special.

Basically, no Cutting Path was transcending the tribulation in the deep water now.

The only thunder calamity left behind was so powerful that even the demi-saint did not dare to approach it after he went underwater, let alone the Higher Void. What if the thunder calamity changed into the saint calamity instead? How disastrous would it be?

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