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They were seated opposite Di Jinqian and Zhan Lichuan. There was a projector next to Di Jinqian, and it was connected to Di Jingxuan and his wife.

Jinqian looked at her father and asked, “Dad, that old man wants you to take the throne. Do you want it?”

Di Jingxuan was still recovering from the surgery and he looked pale. He smiled slightly and said, “My dear, you heard it incorrectly. It isn’t the throne, it’s just the heir to the throne. That old man is extremely controlling and he would never pass the throne to anyone else until the very last minute.”

“Ohhhhhh.” Di Jinqian nodded her head. “Then, why is he talking so much? He’s just trying to get you to pay for the damages that Di Jingan has caused!”

“That’s what he had in mind.”

“Forget it, dad. We’ll talk about that old man after this. Let’s finish things with Di Jingan first.”

Di Jingan finally came back to his senses after the shocking news of how he had been kicked out of the royal family.

“Prince Di? Oh wait… You have already been stripped of your title. So, you’re no longer a prince, right? What should I call you then? Di Jingan? No, that’s too formal. I’ll call you Little An!

“Little An! How does it feel getting pinned to the ground with your wife? Hahahahaha…. You would not have guessed that I planned the whole thing on purpose so that you would be embarrassed, right?”

Although they weren’t badly injured, it was still infuriating that they were badly humiliated.

Di Jingan was no longer like before. His face was dark and the fake smile that he always had on his face had been ripped off, warning Di Jinqian with her dark eyes. She better make sure that he had no other chances left or else he would definitely go after Di Jinqian.

“Oh my, Little An! You’re making me scared by looking at me that way!”

“Di Jinqian, you can stop with the acting now. You suck at it. I have no idea how you became an actress.”

Lee Jiayin looked like a mess, filled with hatred. If it wasn’t because Jinqian was standing too far from her, and she was chained to the table and couldn’t get up, she would have spat on Jinqian!

Jinqian then stopped her performance and a smile that was enough to cause Di Jingan and Lee Jiayin to shudder suddenly appeared.

“Well, we aren’t here for anything, but you should know that you were the one who killed my grandfather. The fact that you caused my grandfather’s death at the open seas made it impossible for my father to forgive you. However, lives have been lost and even if we caught you now and killed all of you, it wouldn’t do anything since my grandfather will not be able to come back to life. I was the one who arrested all of you, but I still have to ask for my family’s opinion. Little An… Tell us, how would you pay for your actions?”

Jinqian looked at Di Jingan, Lee Jiayin and Di Ranle. Both the women were so frightened that they were shivering.

Jinqian felt speechless as she turned to Di Jingan.

“They’re cowardly, so you shall be the one to decide. You’re gutsy and cruel at the same time. It’s a coincidence that we’re related. I am the same as well, gutsy and heartless, so you can rest assured that I will not go easy on all of you just because we are related.

“Since my parents are watching, I will not be saying what I will do with you. You can choose it on your own. As long as I agree with them, we will proceed with it but… You only have one chance to speak to my parents.”

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The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant


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